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Funny Video: “The Office” & Social Media

What if Michael Scott of “The Office” was into social media?  We hope you like our “tongue-in-cheek” look at small business social media marketing through this spoof of The Office & Michael Scott.

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Expert Tax Tips – Part III: Are You Suffering From The “Post-Tax Blues”?

Every business has a different cycle based on industry, size, and other factors, but when it comes to paying taxes, there are a lot of common requirements and issues that small to medium-size businesses face each year. We recently finished a very busy tax season, and afterwards, many business owners suffered from something I call the “post-tax blues”. This refers to the uncomfortable feeling that you paid too much in taxes. Even though some business owners have a fiscal year that is different from the calendar year (and thus a different business tax return due date), all small and medium business owners still have to be concerned with filing (or extending) their individual tax returns by April 15th. Thus, the effect of the business results on their personal tax picture is very much felt around April 15th and the following months. Tax planning is one of the services I offer my clients, so today and in future articles, let me share some ideas to consider that may help reduce your taxes in the coming years .


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Expert Tax Tips: Part II – What Is This “Use Tax” All About?

Many of my clients have inquired recently about the Use Tax letters they have been receiving from the California State Board of Equalization. They want to know what is and how should they respond.

What is the California Use Tax?

In recent years, more and more purchases of all kinds by businesses and individuals are happening out of […]

By |April 8th, 2010|Entrepreneurs|3 Comments

Shared Offices & Total Occupancy Cost

Judging your options based on a simple equation of price divided by square feet when looking for office space is an easy trap to fall into. Any business owner knows the cost of the square footage for their office space is only one line item in their office space overhead. Before you jump to a financial conclusion you might regret, take a step back – What really makes up the total cost of occupancy? How do shared office spaces reduce the total overhead for a company?

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Linked In For Consulting – 6 Tips

Many out there are using Linked In to search for a new job. While Linked In is a key part of the job search strategy, if you aren’t using it to get some work now while you search for that dream job – then you are missing an opportunity.
Maybe you want to find a job […]

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How To Integrate & Sync All Of Your E-mail

Does your virtual office get bogged down in e-mail? Are you tired of juggling six different email accounts, three different email websites, and two different email clients on your two computers? And what about your iPhone? Don’t have a corporate IT department providing and supporting an Exchange account? Is there a free virtual solution?

Using a no-cost service such as Google Mail, you can tie all these accounts into one virtual account, and then access that one account through any of your computers or mobile devices and have them all synced up!


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