The legal industry is feeling the economic pinch as major firms confirm layoffs. What’s a laid-off lawyer to do? Many are leveraging virtual office solutions to start their own practice during this topsy-turvy economy.

A virtual office is a great solution for attorneys who want the bells and whistles of a professional firm without the overhead. Whether you’re a displaced professional coming from a larger firm, or just out of law school, projecting the right image to clients is crucial.

There are a multitude of office business centers which offer ready-to-use, furnished office space for their full-time tenants that also utilize the same technology and infrastructure to provide virtual offices. A virtual office combines the benefits of services, such as live telephone answering services, on-demand conference rooms, and a prestigious business address for less than $200/month.

Office space and support staff is a major drain on a law practice budget. You don’t have to surrender and feed the overhead monster every month! A virtual office can be ideal since mail, faxes, and phone calls are professionally managed at a reasonable price. Not to mention that you can meet with clients and conduct depositions in professional conference rooms that project the right image. Some providers offer packages designed specifically for attorneys that include discount subscription plans to online legal library services like Lexis Nexis.

Board Room at PBC Sacramento

Board Room at PBC Sacramento

Many virtual service providers are located in prime areas where the cost of real estate would make it difficult for any start-up legal firm to set-up shop. Pacific Business Centers in Sacramento, California location is just two blocks from the Federal Courthouse with views of the State Capitol from the executive boardroom. Attorneys here get the image they want to project along with their administrative needs met at a fraction of the cost of a full-time office space. The Alliance Business Centers Network, one of the largest networks in the industry, offers virtual offices in over 600 office centers worldwide, a majority of which are located in the busiest and most expensive business markets.

Check out different providers and choose which one is best for you. Once your office is established, you can devote more time to building your practice. Market yourself by setting up a meeting with a colleague, referral source, or top client from your former firm. The fact that you have a professional office to meet with these people will be a major load from your shoulders. You can finally focus on practicing law and establishing credibility, without the headache of overhead expenditures. That’s the beauty of a virtual office space– it’s there when you need it!

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