Professional Edge Found with Shared Office Space By Small Business Marketing Firm

With over 25 years in the high tech industry and a strong background in marketing and management, Steve Moore decided to create his own Start Up company, SPM Business Solutions, three years ago. As he began the search for office space he compared his options.  “With a permanent office cost was a major factor” [...]

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Officing Case Study: Vectis Law Group

When Patrick Costello, the principal lawyer of Vectis Law Group, opened his new practice in April 2010.he faced a difficult decision As a new firm, the bottom line was his ultimate consideration. But at the same time, he had to have the professional image and administrative support needed to run [...]

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Scott Chambers, COO Interviewed By Office Business Centers Association International

Scott Chambers, COO of Pacific Business Centers was recently interviewed on our adoption of advanced Business Center technology and Pacific Business Centers' vision of the future of workplaces – Cloud Officing ™ - by the Office Business Centers Association International (OBCAI). Check out the podcast where Scott discusses some of the work we have [...]