Learn more about the team members that make-up the Pacific Workplaces Management team. Our ‘pacmates’ have years of experience in the shared workspace industry.

Meet the Team Series: Scott Chambers

Our ‘Meet the Team’ series continues with Scott Chambers, our Chief Operating Officer. Scott has been in the shared workspace business for over 20 years and has served as President of the Global Workspace Association, our industry’s trade association. Keep reading to see how co-founding Pacific Workplaces was all due to a ‘chance encounter’ Scott [...]

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Meet the Team: Keith Warner

Our latest “Meet The Team" series explores more about Keith Warner, Managing Partner of Pacific Workplaces. We asked  Keith how he joined the shared workspace industry, what he likes to do outside of work, and his favorite part of working at Pacific Workplaces. Read on to learn more! Where did you grow up? I’m [...]

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CEO Faceoff by Owler

We are so proud to announce that Laurent Dhollande has been ranked as the top CEO amongst a list of shared workspace industry leaders. Last week, Owler shared its CEO Faceoff in its Weekly Showdown report (delivered every Wednesday morning). Per Owler, Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Pacific Workplaces, is “now the highest-ranking leader amongst [...]

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Meet the Team: Laurent Dhollande

In our latest “Meet The Team" series, Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Pacific Workplaces, was kind enough to do a Q&A with us. Read on to get a glimpse of Laurent’s life experiences, favorite things, and remote working style. What location(s) do you work at? I walk the talk and scratched my full-time Palo Alto [...]

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Making the world a better place in Sacramento: West Valley Construction and Re Vision Consulting

Throughout the years, Pacific Workplaces has had the pleasure of hosting or incubating a number of incredible thriving startups, expanding corporations and many other fantastic companies on their way to entrepreneurial greatness. This particular series of blog posts will feature a select few of the many success stories we are overjoyed to have taken [...]

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Tech industry heavy hitters: Splice, RhodeCode and LiquidSpace [Video]

At Pacific Workplaces, we understand that many of our clients' needs are not static, which is why they come to us for our flexibility and high-quality on-demand office space rentals. From virtual offices to full-time office spaces, we are always happy to host or incubate amazing companies, entrepreneurs or startups from all around the [...]

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Paving the way: Mountain Mike’s Pizza, A1 Express Delivery Service and Polar Service Centers [Video]

Pacific Workplaces has been providing convenient, modern, full-time offices and virtual office solutions for companies for many years. Throughout the time we have been in business, we have had the privilege of hosting and incubating many fantastic companies on their way to industry success. Companies turn to us when they are in need of [...]

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Not just another lawyer: Lunski & Stimpert, Morrison & Foerster and Taggart Law Offices

At Pacific Workplaces, we have been honored to host and incubate a variety of growing companies, startups and corporations since we first opened our doors in 2003. We have an overflowing amount of respect for their hard work and the unique attributes each individual brings to our office spaces. This is the fourth blog post [...]

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The path to success: 3-V Biosciences, Catholic Online and ValueLabs

At Pacific Workplaces, we believe that companies deserve the flexibility of leasing virtual or full-time offices without the hassle of signing long-term contracts. Many of the greatest services, inventions and ideas begin when thinkers are given the freedom to pursue what they love in a space they feel comfortable in. Throughout our years getting to know many fantastic [...]

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Household names: Caterpillar, Fetch! Pet Care and AT&T [VIDEO]

For as long as we have be in business, we have leased or incubated rising or established companies, entrepreneurs and startups at our many convenient locations throughout southern California. This article is a part of an ongoing series that highlights each of these companies and why they are so important to Pacific Workplaces. [...]

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