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5 Coworking Myths Debunked

If your understanding of coworking is shaped by what you read in the headlines, you may think coworking spaces are full of young tech bros and startups working in giant shared buildings. It’s simply not true. The coworking industry is a diverse network of spaces of all types and communities of all styles. The industry [...]

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NextSpace Ranks as One of 50 Best Pet-Friendly Coworking Spaces in the US

As traditional office space norms fade and flexible shared workspace innovations continue to rise, coworking spaces are taking a new approach to work/life balance. The latest trend in the Coworking industry, thanks to Millennials desiring a flexible and diverse work environment, is to provide a workspace that is pet-friendly. This is quickly becoming very [...]

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4 Tools to Enable Collaboration in your Shared Workspace

Coworking spaces should inspire collaboration. One of the biggest perks of membership in a shared workspace is the in-house community of friends and professionals who provide support, referrals, resources and know-how. Collaboration with fellow members is absolutely invaluable to coworking members, whether a new freelancer, an established independent professional, a small business owner, a [...]

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19 Ways to Increase Member Participation in your Coworking Community

Community is everything in a coworking space. As coworking pioneers have been saying for years, coworking is not about the desks and wifi. But building community isn’t easy. It takes vision, commitment, consistency on the part of community managers and, perhaps most importantly, member engagement and participation. I chatted with Maya Delano, Senior Community [...]

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How Coworking Spaces Can Impact their Local Communities

Coworking is no stranger to social impact projects. Spaces are full of nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, social good startups, community organizations and companies that focus on the triple bottom line of people, planet, profit. When hurricanes, fires mudslides, blackouts and other emergencies hit, coworking spaces open their doors to those displaced. Many coworking space operators [...]

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San Jose Mayor Comes Back to NextSpace San Jose

A couple of weeks ago, we were honored by the visit of the Mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo, at NextSpace San Jose. The purpose of his after-hours visit on a Wednesday evening was to explain his positions on a number of issues faced by the city of San Jose and to meet with [...]

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NextSpace Santa Cruz: The Near-death and Unexpected Reemergence of a Coworking Community

Our coworking community almost died. Technically, the community was in decent shape, but the company that housed us was in a downward spiral. A particularly low-point came in response to a whiteboard question: “How will 2017 be better than 2016?” One of the community managers wrote, “New job.” Another added, “+1,000,000.” How far we [...]

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Shared Office Space in Sacramento – 9 Things to Look for in Your Next Workspace

Sacramento, California has a rich history that includes being a distribution point during the Gold Rush, being an agriculture hotbed and being an endpoint for the Pony Express, the Transcontinental Railroad and more. These days, the Golden State’s capital city is known for its diversity, thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, food scene, arts and culture, and [...]

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Virtual Office Versus Coworking Membership – Which is Right for Your Business?

The business landscape has changed in the last 10 years. It now includes a large number of solopreneurs, remote workers, independent professionals and startups-and that trend is expected to continue. According to the Freelancing in America 2017 report, 57.3 million Americans-36 percent of the U.S. workforce-are freelancers. This flexible workstyle means many professionals are no [...]

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Tired of Your Daily Commute? Try Suburban Coworking

Americans spend a depressing 30 billion hours commuting each year. What if, rather than spending hours in the car driving long distances between the suburbs and an urban workspace, you could walk, ride a bike, ride public transit or take a short drive to a nearby coworking space instead? Coworking Spaces Spread to Suburbia Coworking [...]

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