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Are You Ready to Go Freelance?

Author:  Brianna Barker Caza, Susan J. Ashford, Erin Reid and Dena McCallum Copyright: c.2019 Harvard Business School Publishing Corp. Distributed by The New York Times Licensing Group From Pacific Workplaces: There are many benefits to freelance work, but working alone brings a new set of challenges such as feelings of isolation.  The article below [...]

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The 5 Scariest Things About Working Alone — and How to Overcome Them

This guest post comes from Laura Gayle, founder of Business Woman Guide, a great resource for women who want to grow their business on their own terms. The world of freelance work can be an exciting one — and also a solitary one. You get a lot of benefits by being your own boss: [...]

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How Your Unique Coworking Community Drives Member Events & Programming

We all recognize the importance of events and member programming as key factors to building coworking community. The Global Workspace Association says that community is the sustainable competitive advantage and retention tool for every shared workspace. However, planning events can be challenging. What kind of events should you host? When you’re not sure what [...]


Healthy Coworker, Healthy Business: How coworking increases social capital, wellness, and improves your overall business health

When you join a coworking space, you’re doing more than securing a consistent place to dive into work. Modern coworking spaces provide a sense of community for members, independent workers who love the idea of working alone— together. In a 2017 Harvard Business Review article, “Coworking Is Not About Workspace- It’s About Feeling Less [...]


9 Ways to Stay Productive (and Happy) During the Coworking Summer Slump

One of the great perks of coworking is flexibility. Most coworking spaces offer monthly membership plans that can be customized, modified or paused based on your schedule and needs. What this means for some spaces is a summer slump, where people turn their attention and energy to vacations, kids and family, and time away [...]

6 Examples of the NextSpace Effect in Effect

The coworking movement is full of serendipitous connections, inspired meetings, unexpected collaborations and collaborative next-leveling of projects and businesses. At NextSpace, we’ve dubbed this the NextSpace Effect. Examples of the NextSpace Effect can be found daily in our coworking spaces, and there are countless others—profound and subtle—that have occurred at NextSpace locations over the years. [...]


8 Ways Enerspace Coworking in Palo Alto Refreshed their Workspace

Enerspace Coworking in Palo Alto is a workspace community with a mission to give members “a place and the tools they need to blend work and wellness.” Opened in 2013 by coworking superstar Jamie Russo, who hosts the Everything Coworking Podcast, is executive director of the Global Workspace Association (GWA) runs the Coworking Start-up [...]


Is Niche Coworking Right for You?

Niche coworking spaces seem to be all the rage these days. There are spaces and communities designed for artists, parents, writers, music industry professionals, dog entrepreneurs, hyper-local neighborhoods, wellness professionals, women (are women-focused coworking spaces even niche anymore?), students, attorneys, digital creatives and much more. Niche vs. Traditional Coworking On one hand, niche coworking [...]


Coworking and Mental Health Awareness Month

Lack of social connection has been proven to be a greater detriment to health than obesity, smoking and high blood pressure. Strong social connection, on the other hand, leads to an increased chance of longevity and strengthens your immune system. Connection also boosts our mental health and wellness, including lowering levels of anxiety and [...]


Coworking Space for Writers – 13 Tips from a Published Author

Writers need to write. It’s a pretty simple formula. But finding the right place to work—a space that offers appropriate buzz, connections, light, chairs, desks, volume, and lack of distractions and interruptions—can be challenging. Enter coworking. As every coworking space in the world is different, chances are good that, as a writer in need [...]