New Ways of Work for California Attorneys with Legal Virtual Offices

As the hybrid work model is increasingly embraced, it seems apparent that attorneys from big firms to small practices will continue to work-from-home for part of the work week, and firms will implement other remote work strategies such as coworking stipends to support the new ways of practicing law. However, attorneys have been avid [...]

Pacific Workplaces Reveals Boost in Lawyers Opting for Shared Workspace as Provider Now Hosts Over 500 Attorneys in San Francisco Bay Area

Workspace Provider Pacific Workplaces Announces How Small Legal Firms are Changing The Way They Run Their Business October 21, 2016 – Pacific Workplaces, a leading provider of Shared Office Space, is not a Law Firm, yet it may host the largest community of attorneys and small legal firms in Northern California. The ever-increasing number of [...]

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Not just another lawyer: Lunski & Stimpert, Morrison & Foerster and Taggart Law Offices

At Pacific Workplaces, we have been honored to host and incubate a variety of growing companies, startups and corporations since we first opened our doors in 2003. We have an overflowing amount of respect for their hard work and the unique attributes each individual brings to our office spaces. This is the fourth blog post [...]

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