Winery Uses Video Conferencing for Virtual Wine Tasting Event

When Polaris Wine was looking for a way to be two places at once, Pacific Business Centers’ new HD Video Conferencing service provided the perfect platform. On May 17th, the wine making company held an event simultaneously in Pennsylvania and California to educate their sales people and experience a new vintage of wine together. Polaris [...]

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The Future of Work in the Adirondack Mountains?

“Make your Front Porch your Front Office”: That is one catchy slogan used by Clarkson University to promote the “Forever Wired” initiative, aimed at bringing broadband to the Adirondack Region in upstate New York. Not just to promote broadband, but also to develop outreach educational programs on the use of technology, to encourage telecommuting, to [...]

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Landlords Beware: The Office of The Future will Shake your World!

Traditional Office Space is going the way of the Selectric. It is still there, but no one uses it. The office of the future is mobile, ubiquitous, and on-demand. Landlords, be warned. This will radically change the commercial real estate landscape. Few office space providers are prepared for this tsunami whose first ripples are already [...]

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