COVID-19 has undeniably accelerated the work-from-home (WFH) trend. Companies around the world have successfully shifted to a remote model—some of them permanently. 

But WFH has its limitations. Anyone who has struggled with isolation, loneliness, lack of productivity, or just plain boredom walking from the desk to the kitchen coffee pot and back again all day, knows that the struggle is real.

As we move toward a post-COVID reality, we’ll have more choices about how and where we work. All signs point to a new hybrid standard that includes time in an office, time working at home, and time working wherever you’d like.

Flexible Office Space is about to have a moment because it offers the freedom, services, price point and, well, flexibility that workers want and need. Flexspace is positioned to be a core part of the future of work. Flexible offices will be places WFH and remote professionals, small and microbusinesses, corporate teams and everyone in-between will use regularly as practical and purposeful destinations.

Here are four tips to help you find the right flexible office space.

Look for Aggressive Deals

If your plan is to combine the benefits of both WFH and work at the office, your space should be budget-friendly. Workspace operators will want to cater to post pandemic WFH professionals, startups, and corporate users by offering aggressive deals on safe, private office spaces that make economic sense for people with a hybrid work model.

As we start a new year and have a COVID vaccine in our midst, many flexible office space operators will offer special discounts to drive the workspace return.

For instance, Pacific Workplaces is launching a special promotion on private office spaces starting 1/1/2021 offering up to 50% discounts on office rent throughout its locations in Northern California and Nevada. 

Two things to keep in mind when you’re comparing prices:

  • Setup Fees: Make sure to check all the fine-print on special promotions. Perhaps your monthly rent is heavily discounted, but if you’re required to pay an exorbitant set-up fee, that should be factored into your budget. Most set-up fees for a private office with a flexspace provider range anywhere from $99 to $199.  Anything more than that should raise some eyebrows—especially now.
  • Deposit: A security deposit equal to one month of rent and services is pretty standard, although some operators require a two month deposit. Make sure you factor the deposit into your budget, as well. Even though it’s refundable, it’s a substantial upfront cost, not to mention that money will be tied up for the length of your lease agreement.

Focus on Flexibility

Flexibility is more important now than ever before. This includes short-term leases to avoid tying up revenue.

Look for extremely flexible term lengths when it comes to securing your office post-COVID. In addition to half-off rent discounts, Pacific Workplaces is currently offering a “Reserve Now, Start Later” model on its office space promotions. You can lock-in up to 50% discounts on private office space and move-in anytime before June 1, 2021. This allows new members to ease into the idea of returning to the office. The Reserve Now, Start Later offer can be used on a 6-month term, or 30% discount on a 12 months.

Be clear on the term-length requirement for your office space deal. The discount may only apply if you sign-up for a specific length of time. If the deal requires you to sign for longer than a year, make sure that a longer term-length makes sense—even if the price is right.  

Flexibility is key now and moving forward. If your deal locks you into a long contract, continue to shop around, or do some negotiating and ask for a shorter term-length.

Larkspur Marin Private Office Space Deals | Pacific Workplaces

Find a Space that has the Services You Need

An enormous benefit of going with a flexible office space provider is that the infrastructure and business services are built-in. 

These services, which range from live answering services and professional-quality printers, to podcast and media rooms and private phone booths, provide the professional amenities you may not have working from home.

Make sure your flex office space has everything you need to work productively. Additional services and amenities include:

  • Covid-compliant meeting rooms of various sizes that can be reserved real-time via an online booking portal.
  • Onsite staff to help and assist you or your guests and colleagues when needed.
  • Technology tools such, as Zoom Rooms Video Conferencing. These tools are vital if you need to collaborate with remote clients or team members.

Customizable Plans

Lastly, make sure your membership plan is customizable so you can add and remove amenities and services as you need them.

You may or may not need live call answering, digital mail services, dedicated bandwidth, virtual office plans and coworking day passes all right now—or maybe you do. But we’re living in uncertain times, we’re all pivoting and getting creative about sustaining and growing our businesses and careers.

Keep things flexible. As we move toward the workspace return, you should be able to find one that suits your preferences and needs. Make sure the flexible office space you choose works for you.

Learn more about our Reserve Now, Start Later special offer.  Check-out our locations for more information on private office space near you.