Traditional office space was the standard for startup businesses. Back in the day, anything outside of the norm was considered to be unprofessional or risky. However, technology has driven the market towards new realizations and new office space solutions. Now, it’s possible for both new and established businesses to create a custom solution, or variety of solutions, that meet their needs.

Virtual Office Options

For service and consulting businesses, the pressure to have a physical location is less and less – online communication and collaboration tools make the traditional office redundant. Why dedicate precious startup capital on an office lease, especially when your business function doesn’t depend on office space. It makes more sense to work remotely and have your basic office needs outsourced at a central location. For example, getting virtual San Jose office space, you can do work from your home office and your San Jose office staff will take calls, receive mail, and maintain the office where you meet clients in person when, and if, required.

Shared Office Space Options

If you need regular meetings with local clients and require a more permanent location for your business, you still don’t have to shell out thousands each month to lease and equip a traditional office space. You can have the same professional presence for much less in a shared office environment. With this solution, you’ll have a dedicated office or several offices when needed. The office suite will include other businesses as well – and all will be served by a professional front office staff that will accept calls, receives mail, and shows your visitors back to your dedicated office.

In addition to having your own office, your company will also have access to a conference rooms and meeting rooms for presentations and large meetings. The office suite includes fax machines, wireless internet access, a small kitchen, copy machines, and other necessities for business. Shared office space is a very popular option for companies that want to keep their costs low but still need a professional office space. With shared office options, you can often have a more prestigious address and location than your company would otherwise be able to afford. For example, finding, equipping, and staffing a San Francisco office would be much more than the monthly cost for a similar office through a shared office space program.

Coworking Options

Coworking is a unique compromise between a home office and a full service shared office space. One of the biggest problems that home office workers experience is isolation from working alone. At a coworking location, you can work virtually from a workstation, just like you would in your home office, but with the added benefit of being around other business owners. The environment can be very energizing and lead to new ideas and potential new partnerships.

No matter what you choose, any of these three options can make it possible to keep costs low as you start or expand your business. You don’t have to sign a 3 year lease in order to get started – just look for a virtual office, shared office space, or a co-working solution.

Courtney Ramirez
Research Analyst, Pacific Workplaces

Courtney’s research for Pacific Workplaces focuses on tracking emerging office space trends and best practices – with an emphasis on how they affect business operations, technology, and the future of work trends.