When you join a coworking space, you’re doing more than securing a consistent place to dive into work. Modern coworking spaces provide a sense of community for members, independent workers who love the idea of working alone— together.

In a 2017 Harvard Business Review article, “Coworking Is Not About Workspace- It’s About Feeling Less Lonely,” author Steve King discusses how the loneliness epidemic has led to mental health issues and an increased desire for more human interaction and social connection.

Coworking spaces provide a place for people to belong, both professionally and socially. With regular opportunities for socializing and access to supportive colleagues, coworking leads to increased happiness, reduced feelings of isolation and increased productivity.

Here’s how joining a California coworking space can help promote happiness, productivity, and increase the overall health of your business.

Coworking leads to professional and social connections

Coworking spaces are full of ambitious and purposeful professionals who are looking to make strategic partnerships and build a business community in an empowering environment. Chances are, if you’re a small business or startup looking for a coworking space in California, you’re open to networking, making friends and forming business relationships with fellow entrepreneurs.

A coworking space is also a great environment to scout for up-and-coming talent. If you’re looking to build the best team, you need to cultivate relationships with new contacts. Generation Z and millennials are eager to work for companies that offer flexibility and a community-based workplace culture. Your next hire or future collaborative partner may be working right next to you.

The connections that can be made by working in a coworking space are endless, and there’s no dollar value that can be placed on the social capital gain that directly transfers to your overall business health and bottom line.

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Coworkers are more productive because they have more freedom

Happy coworkers are more motivated, engaged and productive. Technology coupled with the coworking movement has made it possible for many modern-day professionals to choose when and where to work. The number of people joining flexible workspaces keeps growing, and we’re not just talking about major tech areas like San Jose, Cupertino and San Francisco. Suburban coworking is quite appealing to major corporations who want to give their employees the option to work close to home. Workspace needs to be easily accessible. People thrive in coworking environments because instead of wasting time commuting, they have the flexibility of leaving their workspace mid-day to take care of family matters like picking up kids or simply running errands. This freedom allows freelancers and entrepreneurs to stay focused on achieving their business goals.

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Ready-made professional environments that foster collaboration and community

Coworking can improve work-life balance through increasing social interaction. When you’re working from home, it’s impossible not to “bring work home with you” and feelings of isolation may creep in.

Your coworking space is a centralized business hub that’s already well-equipped with furniture, coffee, a supportive staff, a buzzing network of people who can relate to you with access to member events and programs that your business can benefit from. Events that go beyond regular happy hours and holiday parties. Coworking spaces should offer a mix of fun events as well as programming that is specific to their community. For instance, NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz hosts regular events like their Women In Tech panel discussion open to both members and the general public. Along with general discussions on the challenges and ecosystem of women in technology, several panelists also mentioned how being a part of a supportive coworking community has contributed to their general well-being, which in turn optimizes the overall health of the businesses they run.

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Coworking appeals to all different types of people, across industries, and is transforming the business world. People are craving to connect and be part of these energetic work environments filled with creative and intelligent people. Whether you need a private office, a simple workstation in an open coworking space, or a hybrid office environment, check out our California coworking communities to find the best fit for you.