written by Toni Akudinobi, Community Manager at Pacific Workplaces

Millennials. The generation of 15 second trends and shortened words.

My generation.

Hi friends.

Leading up to now, it has been on trend for millennials to work from home on occasion, although now with the COVID-19 outbreak, IG stories are showing that some of us are a bit lost. Maybe because now it’s not a trend, but a necessity.

Read on for tips on how to have a powerful, productive, and balanced day while working from home.

Create a morning routine

This means getting up more than 5 minutes before the beginning of your workday. Start your day with something that gets you pumped. Throw on your headphones and get your body moving, or lay in bed and breathe. Either way, make sure your mind is awake and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. If you can’t rely on yourself to start a morning routine, because yes mornings can suck, have Alexa help you out. Fun fact: you can create a morning routine with Alexa to help jumpstart your day.

Get dressed. You’re never fully dressed without a smile

Getting dressed during your morning routine can improve the outcome of your day, so resist the urge to stay in your pajamas.  Although you’re staying at home, remaining in your PJ’s tells your brain that it’s bedtime, which may trigger feelings of sluggishness that you aren’t able to shake.

After your wardrobe change, if you’re still feeling ‘stuck’, try power posing. Body language can change the outcome of your entire day. See how holding the Wonder Woman Pose can turn your day from bland to power-filled.

Productivity Tips While Working from Home Power Pose to

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Create a KonMari worthy workspace

Named after the organizing expert, Marie Kondo, this is a minimalist approach that places importance on working in an uncluttered space to ‘spark joy’ within yourself. Wherever you choose to work, be mindful of clutter and try to keep things tidy so you feel empowered. KonMari that workspace and let’s go!

Work from home productivity tips uncluttered workspace | Pacific Workplaces

Limit Distractions

I love my phone, what millennial doesn’t?  But during the workday, it can serve as a distraction. Try putting your phone on DND (do not disturb) during working hours and download major work applications to your computer. This way when your best friend sends you the link for the 40% off sale to your favorite retailer, you can fully enjoy stalking the site once you’re done with work tasks. Also, this will force you to spend time on your laptop (instead of your phone). Once you finish your major to-do’s, you’ll be able to spend time being creative and finding more things to accomplish for that amazing company you work for.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Jersey Shore taught us the importance of GTL (Gym. Tan. Laundry), so what are we doing now that two-thirds of those “necessities” are closed?  Please tell me during this pandemic we aren’t just working out, applying self-tanner and doing loads of laundry. Check out Myplate.gov for grocery tips. Download the FitOn app for free at home workouts and health articles. Finally, make sure you’re getting enough sleep!

Keep in touch with your colleagues, friends and family

It’s important to stay connected with people to help calm feelings of isolation.  Make it a point to reach out to friends and family regularly.  Utilize Zoom, House Party, and Animal Crossing (on Nintendo).  These are all wonderful platforms to enjoy time with others while being at home.  Get creative and think of fun and engaging things to do together as a group. Host a Netflix Party of your favorite shows and discuss it with your friends; and yes, every episode is important!  Don’t forget to take screenshots of what you’re doing and add it to your IG story for all to see!