…And I’m more productive because of it!

I don’t wear a Fitbit or Apple Watch to tell me when to get up and move – I like the idea, and maybe someday I will, but for now I’m not ready to manage another device that promises to make my life simpler.  Instead, I rely on my WSADD (Workspace Attention Deficit Disorder).  Turns out my condition could be keeping me healthy, and most certainly is making me more productive.

As a Workspace Owner/Operator, people assume I can work from whichever one of my offices I choose – including the best corner window office, but that’s not the case.  Historically, I have routinely had the worst office in the building, and always an interior non-window “cave” (the best offices are reserved for members who are willing to pay the most, of course).

But lately I’ve gone from the worst office to no office, and I’m loving it!

I shake the cobwebs off in the morning with a quick cup of coffee and then I’m out the door for a brisk walk with Hope, our 5-year-old golden retriever.  I return to email in my home office to see which Saudi Prince wants to wire millions to my bank account today; and to get a pulse of lead flow, member satisfaction, which center needs my attention, and a quick check of my calendar for appointments.  It may be 20 minutes or it may be an hour, but at some point, I’ve got to stand, (I’ve got to shower), and I’m out the door.

Keith's Home Office

Keith’s Home Office

First stop?  More coffee!  Good thing Coffee Society is a 6-minute drive from my house.  I waive to Armando, then just nod at Drew, who gives me that, “the usual, right?”, look.  He swipes the card (no, wait, it has a chip now), I throw a bill in the jar, and I’m off to Wi-Fi utopia.  More email, marketing projects, social media posts – the consistent banter of patrons and melodious bursts of La Marzocco steam propel my productivity to new heights.  An hour is gone, maybe two.  I’m suddenly uncomfortable in this wooden chair and the white noise is less white and more noise.  Time to go, my condition calls for it!

The car provides a haven of music and a private “phone booth” for my call while I move to my next workspace.  The 15-minute drive clears my head and the walk down San Pedro Street gives my legs the stretch they need.

Our coworking space at my Downtown San Jose location is quiet and has a network printer.  A perfect spot for my next focused session.  I may shuffle some papers here, but working on the go has forced me to get rid of most of my paper, as well as other things I always thought were personal necessities, such as a stapler, tape, hole punch, and scissors.  My WSADD tells me it’s time to move on, so it’s off to grab a quick lunch and then hit the road for my 10-minute “break”.

Keith coworking in San Jose

Keith coworking in San Jose

I arrive at my Sunnyvale workspace where the members’ jeering occasionally rises above the 80’s music track.  I interact with members and talk to staff, and work for an hour or two or three, before I’m reminded of my personally imposed prescription.  I should go, I need to go, I must go!

Keith coworking in Sunnyvale

Keith coworking in Sunnyvale

In 15 I’m at my Cupertino shared office space, which is a great place to stop-in towards the end of the day.  It’s closest to my home, so the 12-minute drive on city streets at the end of the day is the envy of most Silicon Valley dwellers.  I finish up projects or reply to the non-stop flow of emails before picking up what seems like a daily delivery held together with “Amazon” tape and dashing out the door.

The workday is over; but is it really?  My ailment was held at bay for a time, but the Wi-Fi beckons and the world is only a lap away.

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