Pacific Workplaces has been caring for our clients since we first opened our doors in 2003. Throughout the years we have been overjoyed to have been able to incubate and host an incredible number of expanding companies, innovative startups and growing corporations. This is our third blog post in a series where we will be focusing on the amazing achievements of some of the people and great businesses with whom we have been there for a portion of their journey to success. For today’s post we will highlight three companies that are some of our oldest and most reliable tenants.

Radius, previously known as Nair & Company, was a valued client of ours at our functional Sunnyvale office space for eight great years. As Nair & Company, they were a leader in the field of international expansion services, but since then merged with one of their competitors to form a joint global administration and accounting company called Radius. With over 800 employees across the world and offices in eight countries, Radius is dedicated to assisting companies at each stage of their international expansions. During their time at Sunnyvale, they grew expansively to six offices, but soon moved out after their merger in 2014. While we miss our fantastic tenant, we are happy that they are continuing their journey to success!

Insight began like many other innovative companies, with the two founders, Tim and Eric Crown, working out of a garage in 1988. Years later, they are now a leading provider of Intelligent Technology™ solutions around the world, where they assist companies in implementing and improving their business performance with high-quality IT solutions. Since their founding, they have also been listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and amass around 1.5 billion in yearly revenue. While they are headquartered in Tempe, Arizona, 10 users have been full-time clients in three offices at our spacious Cupertino office space with us since 2006.

BoldFocus has been with us for over 10 years at our fantastic San Mateo office space, which makes them one of our most long-standing members. Since they opened their doors in 1995, this award-winning company has been paving the way in the technology and digital-communication industry with their innovative empathy-based approach. While they build incredible websites, social media sites, multimedia presentations and online communities, they do so through first truly understanding their clients’ specific audience and needs. Their belief is that their clients should be able to connect with their users at their emotional core, so that they will be inspired to keep coming back year after year. Since they joined our work space in 2003, some of their notable clients have included companies like HP, LG Electronics and even Pacific Workplaces!

About Pacific Workplaces

Pacific Workplaces (Pac: for short) are great places to work, with a wide range of part-time and full-time furnished office spaces, including virtual offices, private offices and mini-suites, in a shared infrastructure environment with curated communities that maximize networking opportunities and serendipity. Members have access to meeting rooms, coworking areas, business lounges, VoIP telephony, unified messaging, answering services, IT support, admin support and an online legal library under a pay-per-need hosted model Pac: refers to as Workplace-as-a-Service™. All Pac: centers are operated by PBC Management LLC.