Traditional office rental is old news.

As a business owner, you’re busy running your company. There is no reason for you to also have to manage wifi, coffee, reception, furniture, leases and meeting room schedules.

You have bigger things to worry about.

Here’s the good news: shared workspaces take care of all these things (and more) for you. Here are seven smart reasons to consider moving your traditional office space into a shared workspace.

1. No Infrastructure Costs

Private office members of shared workspaces don’t have to invest in infrastructure, because it’s all included. Wifi, a lobby or waiting area, meeting rooms, a networked printer, a kitchen and more all come with your workspace membership.

NextSpace Coworking San Jose Lounge and Business Amenities

2. No Receptionist Costs

In a shared workspace, you don’t need your own receptionist because there’s someone—generally a community manager—greeting people and directing them to the member they’re there to meet.

3. No Furniture and Equipment Costs

As a member of a shared workspace, you don’t need to invest in furniture—even within your private office. This means no costs for chairs, desks and printers. Bonus, when it’s time to move out, you’re not saddled with a bunch of office equipment you’ll likely not need again.

Pacific Workplaces San Francisco Day Office

4. No Wasted Space

In a private office within a shared workspace, there’s no reason to invest in excess space, such as a meeting room that is only used one day a week. Many businesses occasionally need meeting space, or overflow workspace, so they end up leasing more space than they need on a weekly basis.

Pacific Workplaces gives members on-demand access to meeting rooms and even day offices—or you can book the space on a recurring basis. If finding a space that fits your spatial needs is challenging, or if you’re paying for space that sits idle much of the time, consider moving into a private office within a coworking space.

NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz Private Office Space Within Coworking Space

NextSpace Coworking Berkeley Meeting Rooms and Coworking Space

5. No Long-Term Lease

Many shared workspaces have month-to-month lease options, which means that, as your business grows and changes, your workspace can change and grow with you. As Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Pacific Workplaces explains, “Shared workspace office members don’t get artificially locked into a lease term that has typically no connection with the business cycle of the tenant, be it three years, five years or more.”

6. Workspace Flexibility

Using a private office within a shared workspace gives you the ability to grow or downsize on-demand. This may be the biggest benefit of shared workspace membership because it’s nearly impossible to predict what your office needs will be down the road. “All startups imagine themselves growing,” says Dhollande, “but no one knows for sure by how much and when.”

7. In-house Business Community

If you rent an office in a traditional building, you’re on your own when it comes to finding contractors, freelancers, and a community of peers and industry professionals.

Shared workspaces, however, are full of designers, copywriters, photographers, attorneys, programmers, social media pros and more. Moving your private office into a shared workspace or coworking space gives you instant access to a professional network and community based on mutual support and collaboration.

NextSpace Coworking Berkeley Access to Entrepreneuer Network

As Dhollande puts it, “The biggest intangible benefit of all might be found in joining a business community that will provide technical and emotional support on an informal but real basis.”

Pacific Workplaces has 17 shared workspaces across California—including coworking in Santa Cruz, Oakland, and the greater Bay Area, meeting rooms in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, offices in Sacramento, virtual mail in San Jose and Berkeley, and virtual offices—that suit a variety of needs and workstyles. Find a location near you.

by Cat Johnson, a content strategist, storyteller and coworker at NextSpace Santa Cruz