Once known primarily for its casinos, Reno, Nevada now boasts a range of cultural events, including Hot August Nights, the Great Reno Balloon Race and the Reno Air Races.

The famed “Biggest Little City in the World” is also home to a growing tech and business ecosystem. Reno has attracted companies such as Tesla, Amazon, Braeburn Capital, EE Technologies and International Game Technology, and the city is a hotspot for conventions and industry events.

On-demand Offices in Reno, Nevada

On-demand office space in Reno is a valuable resource for traveling business people, remote workers, corporate travelers, independent professionals and freelancers. On-demand office membership at Pacific Workplaces offers month-to-month office rental, day offices, meeting room space, coworking, professional amenities and access to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and professionals.

Pacific Workplaces Reno Peak Meeting Room

Affordable Membership Plans

Why pay for a full-time office if you only need an office for a few days a week? Pacific Workplaces in Reno offers affordable membership plans to fit any schedule.

Flexible Office Terms in Reno

One of the perks of working in an on-demand office is scheduling flexibility-you create a schedule and plan that works for you. Pacific Workplaces offers month-to-month terms so your membership plan can adjust to your life and not the other way around. We also offer a discounted rate for a year-long commitment so, once you know our Reno office space will work for you, you can lock in a deal and save money.

On-site Community Manager

Community managers are the superpower of shared workspaces, coworking spaces and on-demand office spaces. They keep things running, handle any issue that comes up, facilitate networking, greet guests and members, and much more. Pacific Workplaces has a team of rockstar community managers to make sure you have what you need in our on-demand offices, meeting rooms and coworking area.

Reno Business Address

When scaling up a business, one of the first things you’ll need to do is establish a business address. Your business address projects professionalism and is a sign that you’ve established your business. Pacific Workplaces in Reno offers a business address and mail service to suit your business needs.

Mail Service

One of the great benefits of on-demand office membership is mail service. Whether you’re on the road, on vacation, working from home or working in your office, Pacific Workplaces collects and holds your mail. We also offer an option to have your mail forwarded. This way, you never have to worry about missing an important document when you’re on the road.

Live Call Answering

Live call answering is a powerful way to establish your business quickly. Regardless of where you are, a live receptionist answers calls, forwards them to you or transfers callers to your voicemail.

Coworking and Community in Reno

Chances are, no matter how nice your office in Reno is, you may want to spend time in an open, community space to connect and network. Our Reno Pacific Workplaces location is home to professionals working in a variety of fields, including law, real estate, the nonprofit sector, marketing and recruiting. The space offers an open coworking area and lounge to hang out, refresh, collaborate and engage with fellow professionals.

Meeting Rooms

Does your current office offer access to meeting rooms? Is it a welcoming space you’d be proud to bring clients and teammates to? Meeting room space is beneficial for those times you need more than an office. Pacific Workplaces offers plans that include a set number of meeting room hours each month, or you can purchase bulk credits to pay for meeting room space as needed.

Our Reno meeting rooms include the Peak Meeting Room, with glass walls and a contemporary feel, and the Summit Boardroom, which is perfect for larger groups. All of our meeting rooms in Reno have fast wifi, whiteboards, flat screen displays for presentations, conference phones, and onsite staff to help you run a successful meeting.  Need a break from working from home?  Try booking a guest office if you need to be productive and just get work done.

Pacific Workplaces Reno Day Office

Room to Grow Your Business

When choosing an office or shared workspace, make sure you have room to grow your business without having to relocate. At Pacific Workplaces, you may start in the open coworking area, graduate to a dedicated desk, move into a small office, then grow into a large office that can fit up to 20 people. Or you may need to grow from one-day of office rental per month to a 24/7 membership or private office. Pacific Workplaces can fit your needs at every stage of your business.

Access to a Network of Spaces

The days of business happening in one location are over. We now do business everywhere. Pacific Workplaces offers access to a regional network through our Pacific Touchdown plans.

Legal Virtual Office Space in Reno

Pacific Workplaces in Reno offers Legal Virtual Office Space plans designed specifically for attorneys and out-of-state businesses that need to establish an inexpensive legal presence in Nevada.

Good Coffee

Having good coffee is a small, but necessary, perk in an office. No one wants to hit that afternoon slump and have to go out looking for a decent cup of coffee. The Pacific Workplaces Reno office offers premium coffee throughout the day so you can grab a cup and get back to work.

Pacific Workplaces and On-Demand Office Space in Reno, Nevada

Pacific Workplaces is a leader in on-demand office space in Reno. We’re located in the heart of Reno’s downtown core, with easy access to the courthouse and county offices, a number of retail shops and restaurants, and views of both the Sierras and Reno’s famous strip, Virginia Street.

Contact Pacific Workplaces to find your next office in Reno, whether you’re here for the day, the week, the month, or indefinitely. You can create a membership plan that fits your business and professional needs.

Written by Cat Johnson, a content strategist and coworking member at NextSpace Santa Cruz.