Pacific Workplaces and NextSpace are happy to share that they have signed up with SUPER® (acronym for single-use plastics elimination or reduction) to become certified as flexible office space that is committed to addressing the issue of plastics pollution. Recycling is not a solution.  Virgin plastic is actually cheaper to create than to recycle existing plastic products in most cases, and at best, plastic can only be recycled a few times before it is too degraded to be effective.  On average, ONLY 9% OF SINGLE-USE PLASTICS ACTUALLY GET RECYCLED, and 91% are moved to landfills, eventually finding their way into our natural environments or get incinerated.

Pacific Workplaces (Pac) and NextSpace wants to be part of the solution.  Our San Mateo, Walnut Creek, Roseville, Berkeley, Santa Cruz and Sacramento – Watt locations are taking part in a pilot program with SUPER® and within the greater coworking industry to commit to a solution to the problem.  The six locations will work with SUPER® to audit office spaces and common areas for single-use plastics and put together a plan to remove them.

Reducing single-use plastics in flexible office spaces

“We hope to raise the bar within the flex office industry on how to conduct business in the 21st century that both benefits society and the environment,” said Pamela Davis, Community Manager at Pacific Workplaces Walnut Creek.  “Our motto, We Care extends beyond our office walls. We at Pac want to demonstrate that we care for our environment by helping our communities lead more sustainable and healthier lives.”

Kicking the plastic habit won’t be easy.  Single-use plastics are ubiquitous and, it often feels like they make our lives more convenient.  Plastic wrapped solutions are often less expensive and easier to acquire. The true cost of plastic pollution to our planet and all of its inhabitants is only beginning to be addressed. What we know already is that our short-term needs often create long-term and catastrophically expensive problems.

“As an avid hiker and backpacker, I live by the ‘leave no trace’ philosophy while on the trail to help preserve our God-given land for generations to come.  The SUPER® certification program has helped me understand what I can do every day in my business to help reduce single-use plastics,” said Keith Warner, Pacific Workplaces Managing Partner.  “At first it seemed insignificant, but now I see how a single flex workspace can make a big difference.  My hope is that more serviced workspaces will become SUPER® certified, so together we can make a HUGE difference in reducing the amount of plastics that eventually make their way to our mountains, streams and oceans!”

We know that our coworking spaces won’t be entirely free of single-use plastics because there are so few replacement solutions available right now.  That will change, and we are going to doggedly push in that direction and commit to remove them at every opportunity where we won’t negatively affect the productive office experience our members expect.  We will become SUPER® certified and will share our certification proudly with our office communities.

Reducing single-use plastics in coworking spaces

We look forward to sharing this journey with our members and employees and hope each of you feel inspired to join the effort.

Want to be part of a workspace community with a sustainable ethos?  Learn more about our San Mateo, Walnut Creek, Roseville, Berkeley, Santa Cruz and Sacramento – Watt locations.