Updated as of March 2023

In the spirit of full transparency, Pacific Workplaces (Pac) recently updated its comprehensive compilation of prices published by individual Pac locations and nearby Regus flexible office centers for relevant apple-to-apple comparisons, as well as a compilation of customer ratings for both firms, available online with Yelp, Google and Trustpilot Reviews. The data is available, location by location, on this “Regus versus Pacific Workplaces Comparison” page.

Regus is not the only competitor to Pacific Workplaces (WeWork is a player in the largest cities), but both Regus and Pacific Workplaces are the flexible office companies with the most complete coverage in Northern California. There aren’t many Regus centers without a Pacific Workplaces location nearby, and vice-versa.

Pacific Workplaces wins when it comes to customer satisfaction

1. Customer ratings collected via Google, Yelp, and Trustpilot online reviews suggest a slight customer satisfaction rating over WeWork particularly for Google. However, when it comes to Yelp and Trustpilot, Pac beats WeWork in terms of customer satisfaction. When it comes to Regus, the differences are even more apparent. For example, the average rating by customers on Yelp is 3.7 for Regus and 4.1 for WeWork versus 4.9 for Pacific Workplaces on a scale of 1 to 5. Check out our customer review comparison for additional details.

2. Regus Virtual Offices and Meeting Rooms are priced substantially higher than equivalent Pacific Workplaces Virtual Office products and services at almost all locations.  Regus Mail Plans are significantly more expensive at a whopping 55% on average compared to a nearby, Pacific Workplaces location.  Regus’ “Virtual Office” packages are, on average, 19% more expensive than the Pacific Workplaces “V-Office” Package, while the top-tier Regus “Virtual Office Plus” packages are 30% more expensive than the Pac “V-Office Plus” Plan.  We also compared 8 to 10-person meeting rooms at Regus which are 30% more expensive in comparison to Pacific Workplaces, on average.  This was based on reviewing prices made available online by both companies on their websites.

3. Regus Virtual Office plans are significantly less flexible than Pacific Workplaces equivalent solutions at all locations. This analysis, also made available online, is based on reviewing the features of these plans.

4. Anecdotal evidences suggest lower prices for full-time offices of similar size at many Pacific Workplaces locations, although the price discount is not as significant as it is for virtual offices and meeting rooms. This is based on former Regus clients sharing their Regus invoice with us, and on Pac’s own mystery shopping efforts.

5. Pacific Workplaces publishes pricing on all-inclusive Service Packages available to full-time office members on its website, including a downloadable comprehensive Service Charges grid for incidental and itemized charges. We could not find the equivalent transparent approach on Regus.com. Anecdotal evidence based on testimony from Regus transplants suggests that the incidental charges are poorly understood by Regus customers and often a source of surprise and dis-satisfaction when they show up on a Regus bill. Some of these incidental charges can be several times the price of equivalent services charged to customers by Pacific Workplaces and by other arms-length service providers.

6. Open Coworking Memberships are not available at all Pacific Workplaces and Regus locations, but more and more locations are offering them with both companies. For example, Pacific Workplaces has recently opened three new flexible office locations in San Francisco Pacific Heights, Las Vegas and Phoenix. All of which offer open coworking memberships to its service offering – something Regus locations have done as well.

San Francisco Pacific Heights Open Coworking | Pacific Workplaces

Coworking Memberships Las Vegas

Pacific Workplaces has also added coworking brands to its overall Workplace-as-a-Service offering with its integration of NextSpace, one of the most recognizable coworking names in the industry in Berkeley and Santa Cruz. 

The analysis found on the “Regus versus Pacific Workplaces Comparison” page attempts to explain why Pac seems to systematically be able to provide superior service at a lower price than Regus. It boils down to Pacific Workplaces successful recipe in deploying very efficient processes, lower overhead, transparency and a “We Care” culture which together amounts to a business approach that greatly benefits its “Pac-mates” members.

Looking for affordable flexible office space solutions while you work-from-home? For more information about the 18 locations we offer across California, Nevada and Arizona, visit pacificworkplaces.com.