I’m really excited to welcome a new managing partner, Mr. Sasha Poljak, CEO of ValleyHQ, into Pacific Business Center’s management team! If you have had a chance to meet Sasha or visit his Bakersfield office space, you know what an honor it is to have him on our team.

It was only two short years ago that I began my journey with PBC – one of the best decisions of my career. Before joining PBC, when I attended an industry conference, I would hear all about the innovative things a select group of OBC operators were doing.

First it was video conferencing, high speed internet access, and search engine optimization; then VoIP telephony, unified messaging, and pay-per-click; and now it’s social media PR, social bookmark seeding, blogs, tele-presence, and something called WAAS or Workplace as a Service. I wanted to keep up, but I just didn’t have the time or resources to integrate many of these useful tools into my center. I would leave the conference feeling helpless, and just end up hoping one of ‘those companies’ didn’t move in across the street.

Wanting to be a part of this elite group, I did not want to give up the independence and uniqueness that our family had worked so hard to build for the past 20 years!

I quickly learned that the management team at Pacific Business Centers, specifically Scott Chambers and Laurent Dhollande, not only understand the OBC business inside and out; they know the heart and soul that goes into a small operator’s business. They had walked in my shoes and experienced many of the same highs and lows I had over the years. It was out of this unique combination of knowledge and understanding that the “Managing Partner Model” was born.

As I learned more about the Pacific Business Centers Managing Partner Model and the resources they had to offer, I became more and more comfortable with a potential partnership. Their unique managing partner model is inspired from the organizational model present in many law firms and consulting firms where equity partners are co-owners of the company, contribute to the management of the overall infrastructure, but remain vested in the long-term success of their local portfolio because close proximity to the customer is critical to the entire organization’s success.

I know that in talking with our new partner, Sasha Poljak, it was the sensitivity and appreciation of his previous achievements, along with economies of scale, diversification, increased product offerings, and potential funding opportunities that attracted him to PBC.

Another strength of the Managing Partner Model is that it utilizes each member’s talents and passion to drive a division or department of the company. This process allows everyone to concentrate on their area of interest or expertise and make decisions that affect all locations, while relying on others to do the same in their area of expertise. The end result is a unique synergy of talent with a distributed workload that benefits the entire group.

I look forward to working with Sasha, and many more talented operators, as we partner with top-echelon companies on this wild ride we call executive suites, or office business centers, or serviced office space, or whatever we call it…


Keith Warner
Managing Partner, Silicon Valley & Marketing

Keith has over 15 years experience as President and co-owner of American Executive Center prior to joining PBC (rebranded as Pacific Workplaces), and is a highly regarded figure in the OBC industry. He holds a B.S. in Finance from Santa Clara University.