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Oct 16, 2012 – Sacramento, CA – Pacific Business Centers, the leading provider of Workplace-as-a-Service in California, was honored as #4 Best Place to Work last week and received the Sacramento Business Journal A+ Employers Best Places to Work award. “For a company whose core value is “WE CARE” this is an award that makes us very proud,” said Tracy Wilson, Managing Partner at Pacific Business Centers.

“Tracy is right”, said Laurent Dhollande, Pacific Business Centers CEO, “WE CARE about our customers, WE CARE about our investors, and, most of all, WE CARE about each other” is the final thought we use at every company management meeting and our Company Day annual event.

Terry Hillman, Editor of the Sacramento Business Journal commented that for many executives the honor of being recognized as an A+ Employer is one of their proudest awards they have received because the recognition comes from their own employees. The management team of Pacific Business Centers could not agree more.

An added bonus to this honor is that the company’s main business goal is to provide the best hosted workplace to clients. “We can now say not only that Pacific Business Centers is The Best Place for our friends and clients to work, but also that we ARE the best place to work, all around” added Wilson.

When asked by the Business Journal how PBC defines an A+ workplace, Tracy Wilson commented, “An A+ workplace is a working environment that is both comfortable and complete with amenities that make productivity possible. Most importantly, an A+ workplace is a job in which an employee look forward to getting to work, feels appreciated and respected, is given appropriate, yet increasing expectations and in which communication, both the good and the bad, flows regularly.” Dhollande added “an A+ workplace is a happy workplace!”

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About Pacific Business Centers (rebranded as Pacific Workplaces)

Pacific Workplaces offers a wide range of on-demand offices in a shared infrastructure environment. Clients have access to furnished offices, conference rooms, VoIP telephony, unified messaging, answering services, IT support, admin support, bookkeeping services, HD video conferencing, and online legal library under a pay-per-use hosted model PBC refers to as Workplace-As-A-Service.  PBC partners with landlords to develop and operate office business centers. The PBC model responds to corporate trends toward a more distributed workforce, increased flexibility, outsourcing of non-core activities, telecommuting, sustainability, and a growing demand from professional firms and start-ups. All PBC centers are operated by PBC Management LLC.

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