As California prepares to lift capacity and distancing restrictions for most businesses on June 15th, our flexible office spaces are excited to return to usual operations.  Member communities are looking for ways to celebrate reopening, while staying true to workplace health and safety policies. 

Coworking bounces forward with fashion

NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz is marking the reopening occasion by offering its members something to wear.  Members who want to bring in their vaccine card get a fun bright orange NextSpace branded wristband which rocks “Reggie The Moosehead,” our company mascot.

NextSpace Coworking Vaccination Bracelet

NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz Vaccination Wristbands

NextSpace Community Manager Adam Zeno said, “The suggestion came up at a happy hour and the members got really excited about it.  The idea is, come June 15th, members can wear a wristband or a mask – it’s up to them.”

Many of the members have already proved their vaccination status and are already wearing the bracelets in anticipation of  June 15th.  NextSpace also makes sure there has been at least two weeks past their last vaccination before they provide the wristbands.  The bands are also a great way to promote the space as members wear them when they go to local restaurants or coffee shops.

This is also a way to celebrate reopening while taking into account personal space.  Although the vast majority of NextSpace Santa Cruz (NsSC) members are vaccinated, there are medical and religious reasons why some may not receive the vaccinations.  “If you don’t want to share your vaccination status, that’s okay — wear your mask.  It speaks to the live and let live culture of the Santa Cruz community in particular,” replied Zeno.

Celebrating the return to work safely

While people continue to be vaccinated  across America and the world, workplaces may have different policies to keep everyone safe from Covid-19, which is why members having a full hand in Santa Cruz’s Get the Vaccine, Rock a Wristband initiative is so special.  It’s yet another way for our community to solidify its bond and perhaps act as an incentive for one or two holdouts to get vaccinated and become active participants in protecting the rest of the NsSC community with herd immunity.

NextSpace Coworking Covid-19 Vaccination Initiative

CEO Laurent Dhollande commented, “Our NextSpace Santa Cruz members are an awesome example of our own member communities taking charge. They thought it was important to show they were fully vaccinated, help visitors feel safe, and promote the value of vaccination inside and outside our space. We only accompanied them in a decision they made on their own. Thank you Santa Cruz members for showing your sense of civic duty and care for the greater community that way!”

As we open up, businesses will be updating their workplace regulations.  Our health and safety policy will always take into consideration state and local public health orders, and formulating a reopening plan that supports a safe, clean and low-risk environment for our members.  With everything we’ve been through and the uncertainty of what else may come our way, it’s such a breath of fresh air to see a coworking community so strong that they continue to find creative ways to acknowledge milestones together.

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