At Pacific Workplaces, we have hosted or incubated many incredible startups, companies and entrepreneurs throughout the years. Some continue to benefit from our full-time or virtual office spaces, while others have moved on to new locations. Though we only hosted them for a short time, here are three incredible organizations that have since achieved long-term success!
iCandy Salon is an innovative eye salon that focuses on lash treatments, waxes and more. Founded by entrepreneur Shareen Malik, they are the first in the industry to integrate eye-related services with the comforts of a salon environment. Malik patented her company’s specific method for lash styling and has trained many of the lash technicians in the area. The company has quickly expanded all over California due to their easily customizable menu of services that appeal to a wide variety of clients. They leased a full-time office at our Pleasant Hill location from June 2013 to August 2014. Though they were not with us long, we are happy to have helped them on their road to success!
Motorola was founded in 1928 by two brothers, Paul V. and Joseph E. Galvin, and since then has revolutionized the telecommunication and mobile communications industry. Currently, they produce leading models of android products, the globe’s most popular operating system, such as smartphones, accessories and smartwatches. Throughout the decades they have been in business, Motorola continues to channel their pioneering spirit through creating quality products for their valuable consumers. Each day, their engineers and designers are hard at work to find new solutions and create new products. They leased a full-time office at our Oakland location from March 2012 to 2013 while they were establishing a Bay Area administrative office. Motorola then moved out into a larger space as part of their location expansion!
Mobissimo is an online travel platform that aids their users in quickly finding the best deals on car rentals, airfare, hotels, vacation packages and more. Founded in 2005, they created an innovative technology that connects travelers with some of the top travel suppliers such as Hotwire and Expedia for optimal travel search results. When customers log on to its easy-to-navigate platform, its real-time search engine helps them find the lowest and most recent rates. For those traveling during the holiday season, Mobissimo offers plenty of options for obtaining the best and affordable flights, hotels and more. When they began operations in 2005, we incubated them at our San Mateo office space from January to July. Our services helped them during their critical early days of their company’s development. In those seven months, Mobissimo was able to create their full marketing and startup strategy, leading them to be the thriving organization they are today.