At Pacific Workplaces, we believe that companies deserve the flexibility of leasing virtual or full-time offices without the hassle of signing long-term contracts. Many of the greatest services, inventions and ideas begin when thinkers are given the freedom to pursue what they love in a space they feel comfortable in. Throughout our years getting to know many fantastic entrepreneurs, companies and startups, we are proud to say we have been a part of many success stories. Here are three companies we are especially proud to have either hosted or still share in their path to greatness:

3-V Biosciences is clinical-stage pharmaceutical company that researches, discovers and develops innovative therapeutics in oncology and infectious diseases. With an expertise in lipid biology, they are leading the way in finding advanced treatment methods for various tumors and cancers. Right now, they are moving forward with a program that is used to pinpoint fatty and sythase (FASN) enzymes in order to treat various cancers, including prostate, pancreatic and breast. This amazing group of people leased a full-time office at our quaint Palo Alto office space from June 2008 to September 2009 while they were going through their period of funding and hiring new employees. After this time they moved to their lab space in Menlo Park!

Catholic Online is a massive online resource for Catholics across the globe to learn more about Catholicism and learn ways to integrate their faith into their daily lives. They have been in continual operation for the past 10 years and have stated that they have the largest presence of Catholics online. Today, they have over 5 million pages worth of content, on topics ranging anywhere from Old Testament history to modern-day stories of faith. Visitors from over 120 countries visit their pages each day! Catholic Online has leased five offices at our vibrant Bakersfield office space since December 2012 and continue to bring a great vibe to the community space!

ValueLabs is an international global business technology solutions and services provider headquartered in Hyderabad, India. According to their website, with 16 offices across the world, and five in the U.S., the company’s vision is to build world-class extended teams to unlock the potential of global delivery. They are significant to us because even though outsourcing is a popular trend for many companies, they feel that these organizations still need a physical presence in Silicon Valley. Over the years, ValueLabs has consistently proven that they can provide high-quality services to their clients. They first came to our centrally located Sunnyvale office space in 2007, where they leased a full-time office space for their first two years. Then, they switched to a Virtual Office for the following six years. Just recently, they became a perfect example of how a company can go back and forth between a full-time and virtual office as they just signed on for two full-time offices once again!