So you finally signed up for that Virtual Office – but people often don’t realize all the services that can be leveraged with Virtual Offices. A professional business address, call answering services, and conference rooms to meet with clients are standard with any good virtual package, but what about staff to help you with administrative tasks?

The most versatile virtual plans include free hours of administrative services, but even if yours doesn’t, you can always utilize administrative help on-demand. This amenity is often under-utilized because people don’t realize how a Virtual Assistant can become an important component of their business.

Virtual Assistants perform document management for your Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. You can enlist virtual staff for event organization, research, proofreading, email replying and filtering, marketing projects like mass mailings, database maintenance, even expense report processing, and calendar management.

Leveraging Virtual Assistants frees up your time to focus on higher-value tasks that are mission critical to your business. The results are better efficiency and greater gains for your business.

The onsite staff at your Virtual Office location can provide your clients excellent customer service. For instance, if clients need directions to your office for a meeting, your virtual staff can assist them. When clients come into the office, they can follow specific procedures such as intake forms, or offering beverage services. This kind of personalized service adds credibility to your business.

A virtual office is not just about a business address and a phone number. It’s about making sure your business projects well and eliminating your time-consuming administrative tasks without the cost, overhead, busywork, and hassles of hiring employees. Use your virtual staff like they are your own staff. Your business will thank you.