Social Media Mistakes – Avoid Burning Your Brand Online

The importance of social media is so pervasive that it’s hard to overstate just how much it can do for a business. With hundreds of millions of users around the world, social media sites have become a place to learn about everything from which clothes are in style to which exterminators are reliable.

There are many ways to cut costs in a business (like using a shared office space), but cutting out a reliable social media presence should never be one of them! There should always be someone in charge of your social media messages, ensuring that there is someone there to address complaints, take off offensive messages when needed, and keep people informed of new developments in the company. […]

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How to Make the Most of Your Next Networking Event

Nailed It NetworkingReady to attend your next networking event? Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, there’s always something to learn about making a good impression and connecting with other business owners and “higher-ups”. There’s a right way and a wrong way to approach networking events, and knowing the difference can determine whether the event is a waste of time or a launching pad for your business.

The most important thing to remember with networking events is […]

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Top 5 Finance Apps for Mobile Business


Square turns your iPad into a cash register

Square turns your iPad into a cash register

Business is done everywhere these days – not just in an office. When you’re on the go, you can still do business just as well as you would in an office if you have the right finance apps for mobile business. Here are five useful apps for doing business from your shared office space or anywhere.

1. Mint: With the multitude of financial sites that a business owner has to keep track of, it can be hard to remember them all and to keep them straight. With Mint, business owners can keep track of their loans, bank accounts, credit cards and more; and do it all at the same time. It can help entrepreneurs keep track of their profits and debts, simplifying the financial side of the business. The app is free. […]

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Shared Office Space: 5 Unique Benefits of Coworking

Coworking SpaceHave you heard about coworking? For entrepreneurs and solo service professionals, coworking is a great way to emulate the best parts of working in an office while still keeping your flexibility and freedom as an independent business owner. Using a shared office space to cowork with other professionals can bring you more opportunities, cost savings and a legitimate conference space to meet with clients.

Here are five unique benefits that you can get from coworking in a shared office space. […]

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5 Steps to Building Credit for Your Small Business

Building and maintaining a strong credit profile for your small business can help you get access to funding, therefore important resources. Just like personal credit, your business credit rating is affected by a number of different factors. Understanding these factors and taking the time to monitor and build your credit can help your business grow.

Making Your Business Legitimate

  • One of the key components of good business credit is your business structure. If you’ve been working as a sole proprietor or are missing a few key important pieces of paperwork, you need to take steps to appear more “real” and stable. Check to be sure that you have the occupational licenses that you need. Get your phone number listed with directory assistance under your businesses name. This is also a good time to incorporate if you haven’t yet already.
  • […]

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Real Entrepreneurs Face Problems Head On

In any business, conflicts will arise. Whether these are personal conflicts or other conflicts (supplier issues, etc.), knowing how to deal with them can be difficult, and sometimes, as a way of reaction, entrepreneurs will just brush problems under the rug and ignore them. However, this is probably one of the worst ways you can react. Refusing to deal with a problem doesn’t make it go away.

If you’re dealing with a technical issue – like the aforementioned supplier one – there is likely a solution that you just haven’t seen yet. Have a brainstorming session with others in your shared office space to find solutions. No idea is too crazy! Remove the pressure for people to come up with the perfect idea immediately, as often in brainstorming sessions, one person will suggest something that wouldn’t work – but it might spark an idea in someone else that turns out to be the solution. Be sure to take notes so that you can refer back to your ideas and possible solutions.

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How Your Business Can Benefit From Government Cutbacks

The recent government cutbacks on all levels – city, state, and federal – would be enough to make any entrepreneur nervous, but they don’t have to make you nervous. As long as you’re willing to stay flexible (which is a given when you use a serviced office or virtual office) and on your toes, you needn’t worry excessively about your business being impacted by government cutbacks. In fact, you can even see this as an opportunity to grow your business. […]

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Retooling Your Business for Re-launch

You started your business with the highest of hopes. You expected the best. You followed through with your plans – but your results have been a little less than impressive. It’s time to take stock and decide how your business can re-launch to increase your profits and your level of success.

Re-launching your business is a major undertaking, but it can be well worth it. With a re-launch you’ll have the ability to change your position in the market. Your organization will be re-energized with a new direction and you’ll open yourself up to new opportunities.

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The Six Keys to Successful Client Relationships

A successful relationship with your client is a surefire way to be in business now and long into the future. To build and maintain these relationships, you’ve got to take steps to not only deliver excellent customer service but deliver it in such a way that you can distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Here are six ways to optimize for successful client relationships while building your business.

  • Understand your role within the relationship.

Your clients are coming to you in order to fulfill a specific need in their businesses (B2B) or in their lives (B2C). Your role is to help them with solutions tailored to their needs – and that is where the primary emphasis should be. To expect your client to send you dozens of referrals and be a partner in growing your business is asking too much. They are hiring you based on your expertise and your position. Make sure you keep their needs as the focal point and not your own needs.


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Value Propositions Made Easy

Value propositions are essential in marketing your business in a clear and concise way. But far too few small businesses and entrepreneurs have a value proposition. Positioning yourself this way in today’s crowded business marketplace is more important than ever. The Internet has made it possible for small businesses to market their services and products worldwide, but it’s also produced a lot of noise. Your value proposition will help your business stand out among the noise and find the right customers who need what you have to offer.

Value propositions are also helpful because they:

  • Narrow your focus for lead generation
  • Make it easier, quicker, and cheaper to market your business
  • Allow you to get in front of decision makers quickly


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