Pacific Business Centers offers innovative solutions for Corporate Real Estate and HR Managers to reduce costs, help with Green initiatives, and with inexpensive and effective outplacement strategies.

GoODWORK™ Initiative:

Solutions To Reduce Carbon Foot Print, Slash Occupancy Costs and Provide Innovative Tools for Outplacement.

Jump-Start Program: Mutually Beneficial Outplacement

Jump-Start is a program where employees that experienced a Reduction-In-Force have access to workplaces close to their home and are launched on a new path to success by co-officing with successful start ups and professional firms. An inexpensive and effective tool in the outplacement arsenal. If you are an HR executive or an Outplacement professional, this is for you:
Jump-Start Program (.pdf, 1.36 Mb)

What is GoODWORK™?

Large corporate users are partnering with PBC to slash Corporate Real Estate costs and dramatically reduce carbon footprint, by accessing our Grid of On-Demand WORKplaces under a subscription model. If you are a CXO, an HR executive, or a Corporate Real Estate Executive, this is for you:
GoODWORK Overview (.pdf, 1.37 Mb)