Does your return-to-the-office plan include a hybrid work schedule?  Although most people can work productively from their home office, work-from-home (WFH) pitfalls start to show when in-person contact, community, and larger office resources are required.  As a result, professionals can look to flexible office spaces to provide a solution to supplement your WFH routine.

The demand for remote work flexibility

After more than a year of being able to work remotely full-time, the demand for workplace flexibility is stronger than ever before.  With companies now allowing their employees the option to WFH, many professionals are trying to find a good balance between remote work and coming into the office.  If you’re ready to switch from 100% WFH to a more hybrid work schedule, consider checking out our All Access PassThis plan allows WFH professionals access to coworking space, private offices, and meeting rooms at any location within the Pacific Workplaces network – that’s 16 locations throughout the Peninsula, East Bay, North Bay, South Bay, Sacramento, Bakersfield, Reno, and more.

This plan is specifically designed for our WFH professionals looking to combine the pluses of WFH with the benefits of an office infrastructure that allows you the tools and resources to work productively, while offering a built-in community of professionals that you simply can’t get when you WFH.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a primary location and sign-up online for the ‘All Access Pass’ monthly membership plan.
  2. Complete the set-up of your profile on our online booking system.
  3. On the days when you need a little more focus, or want access to a meeting room with a whiteboard or flat screen display to visualize a project timeline, or just want to work independently around people, reserve your space at any Pacific Workplaces location that’s convenient for you on that given day.  That’s it!

Assess your needs for a more sustainable WFH solution

Many flex office providers have included some type of “All Access” to their offerings, but before signing up, make sure you’re clear on the parameters of the plan.  For instance, are private guest offices and meeting rooms included, or are you only allowed access to open coworking seats?  Many of our WFH professionals need the flexibility of working individually amongst others as well as a space to meet with a client privately if needed.  

Additionally, double-check on any time parameters.  Can you cowork or book one of the guest offices for the entire business day, or is your All Access Pass restricted to certain blocks of time?  Think through what matters in your work routine and make sure whatever coworking or flex office plan you choose compliments your hybrid workstyle — remember, the point is to achieve the best of both worlds here!  

Private Office Space Reno Nevada

Impacts of a hybrid work schedule on mental health

While the early days of going 100% remote showed an increase in job satisfaction and offered a better work-life balance, the same has taken a toll on the WFH professional’s mental health over time.  In order to improve overall job satisfaction, many companies have implemented a hybrid work model.  Even a workplace flexibility study by Deloitte suggested that when companies offer flexible work options, 82% of employees report using them.

There are many options out there for WFH professionals, so if you are lucky enough to be able to work-from-anywhere, set yourself up for success by implementing a hybrid work schedule that makes sense and works for you both professionally and personally.