Network Access with Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited Bandwidth?

That’s our goal!

We understand your thirst for bandwidth is insatiable, so count on us to keep the tank full. Over the first 10 years of our history, our locations went from T-1 lines to DS3 to 50 mbps to 100 mbps of shared bandwidth… on our way to infinity! Our goal is to always stay one step ahead of your needs.

Need Dedicated Bandwidth? We’ve got that too, up to 100 mbps today in most locations.

How do we charge for it? According to your needs if you want dedicated bandwidth (ask for a quote… up to 20 mbps it is quite inexpensive) and based on volume depending upon usage.


  • 10 GB/mo/user*


  • 20 GB/mo/user*


  • Unlimited Data

What’s even better? Most of our full-time users are not charged for this as the network connectivity is part of their Connectivity & Services Charges, with a no-surprise, all-inclusive, monthly charge. *Volume-Based Pricing; Overage charge after allowance is $12/GB

Unified Messaging

If you move in with a full time office, we’ve got state-of-the-art Shoretel-based VoIP telephony, with all Unified Messaging features, such as the ability to check email from voice mail, and more.