Business Model

Pacific Workplaces (Pac) is a brand owned by PBC Management LLC, an operator of on-demand office spaces that manages a portfolio of Workplace-as-a-Service™ centers.  NextSpace and Enerspace Coworking are also brands owned or managed by PBC Management LLC.  Each center is a separate company, with separate ownership and capital structure. Individual centers contract with PBC Management LLC to bring marketing, financial, community curating, and other operating expertise to bear. Pac often partners with landlords to develop and manage coworking spaces, conference centers, and other forms of on-demand office spaces, as a strategic amenity to serve their overall real estate development. Pac also works with Economic Development Agencies to develop and manage incubation space that serves their community. When needed, Pac helps assemble investors to take ownership of individual centers and enjoy the risks and rewards of the portion of our business tied to real estate cycles. Currently, PBC Management LLC provides comprehensive management services to all centers branded Pacific Workplaces, including serviced offices and executive suites, and to locally branded coworking operations.

Vision, Mission, & Core Values

The Workplace is going through dramatic changes and we are leading that revolution. We coined the Workplace-as-a-Service ™ terminology the year the company started in 2003. We believe the Workplace needs to be hosted, curated, ubiquitous, and seamless. In this context, our mission is to Make Work More Productive and be the Workplace-as-a-Service™ operator of choice by our members, landlords, and investors alike. Our motto is “We Make Work Better.”  Our core values can be summed up in six letters: We Care!


The need for flexible workspace and coworking is exploding and so is the demand for our services, thanks to mobile technology, user cost consciousness, growing corporate demand for outsourced touchdown space, and individual choices made by mobile workers and professionals who want to work close to home. Users get a significant productivity boost from the professional environment, social interactions, and serendipity they find in our centers. Members, and the companies that sponsor them, join our business communities because we make their work more productive.

We found that shielding day-to-day management of our centers from the ups and downs of the real estate cycles is the best way to maximize success of the on-demand office and coworking operations we oversee, to everyone’s benefit.  Thus, PBC Management LLC focuses all its attention on developing each center business community, while optimizing quality of service and occupancy, which in turn maximizes revenue and operating profit, often in partnership with our landlords. Each operation is owned by a separate entity which enjoys the risks and rewards of the real estate and economic cycles, while the management company focuses on optimizing revenue and profits and each location.

We believe that our critical path to success with solopreneurs, startups, corporate users, and mobile workers, lies in our focus on curating local business communities, while leveraging regional operational economies of scale and our affiliation with the global CloudTouchdown™ network of over 500 partnering locations. We do this extremely well.

Laurent Dhollande, CEO

Laurent Dhollande,
Chief Executive Officer

Laurent co-founded the Pacific Workplaces (Pac) group of companies in 2003. Since then, he has grown the business to 20 locations under the Pac brand, deployed coworking places under local brands, and built a network of over 650 worldwide locations under the CloudVO brand. Prior to acquiring Pac first location in Pleasant Hill, CA, in 2003 (at the time an executive suite branded Pacific Business Center), Laurent held various executive and management positions at Sun Microsystems, Litchfield Advisors, and Hewlett-Packard Company, with responsibilities in Corporate Real Estate, Corporate Development, Operations, Finance, and Marketing. Laurent is a current or former Board member at various companies and non-profit organizations. He holds an MBA from the Haas School at UC Berkeley.

Scott Chambers,
Chief Operating Officer

As co-founder of Pacific Workplaces (Pac), and with over twenty years of experience in the industry, Scott’s ability to master the organization’s operational efficiencies as well as the deployment of rapid changing technology, has been instrumental in facilitating the explosive growth of Pac. As the industry has experienced significant changes in the last few years with mobility, flexibility and the desire for more community-based environments, Scott has driven the evolution of facility designs and staffing needs. Scott is a former President and current Board Member of the Global Workspace Association, the trade association of the flexible office industry.  Scott has a B.S. in Business Administration from The University of the Pacific.

Tracy WIlson

Tracy Wilson, 
Managing Partner, Sacramento & Corporate Development

Prior to joining the Pacific Workplaces (Pac) executive team in 2008, she was as an owner/manager of office business centers in California.  She is a PAC Managing Partner responsible for six locations, based in Sacramento, CA.  Tracy is a licensed real estate broker in California. She also serves as COO of our sister company, CloudVO™. Tracy is currently on the Advisory Board of the Global Workspace Association and served as chairperson for their FraudWatch and Education Committees. Tracy is also involved in civic efforts, especially Rotary International whose motto ‘Service Above Self’ really resonates and she hopes that attitude comes through in the love she has for PAC and the industry. She has a B.A. in History from U.C. Santa Barbara.

Keith Warner, 
Managing Partner, Silicon Valley & Marketing

Keith has over 20 years experience as President and co-owner of American Executive Center, a multi-center operator located in Northern California. Keith joined Pacific Workplaces (Pac) to expand the Silicon Valley portfolio and enhance their Virtual Office program and marketing efforts. Keith was one of the first on-demand workplace operators in the South Bay to add Coworking to its service offerings and has continued to grow the Silicon Valley Coworking memberships into thriving Pac communities.

He currently serves as President of the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, as chairman of the Global Workspace Association (GWA) Marketing Committee, and has been a featured speaker at multiple industry conferences.  Keith holds a B.S. in Finance from Santa Clara University.

Becky Simi,
Managing Partner, San Francisco Peninsula & Sales

Becky Simi is a Managing Partner and Director of Sales at Pacific Workplaces (Pac) with a leadership role in developing and implementing best sales practices. She designs and presents training seminars directly aligned with the organization’s mission and goals. This includes facilitating training sessions for our core management team, to individual coaching sessions. Simultaneously, she has been a key factor in directing our Pac ecommerce and online booking capabilities, while directly overseeing our San Francisco Peninsula locations. Becky has over 15 years’ experience in customer service and sales in the Serviced Office industry. Since her employment with Pac in 2003, Becky has effectively lead many organizational change efforts. She has a B.A. in Human Development from California State University East Bay.

Pacific Workplaces is a member of GWA and follows all GWA FraudWatch recommendations and guidelines.