19 Ways to Increase Member Participation in your Coworking Community

Community is everything in a coworking space. As coworking pioneers have been saying for years, coworking is not about the desks and wifi. But building community isn’t easy. It takes vision, commitment, consistency on the part of community managers and, perhaps most importantly, member engagement and participation. I chatted with Maya Delano, Senior Community [...]

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How Coworking Spaces Can Impact their Local Communities

Coworking is no stranger to social impact projects. Spaces are full of nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, social good startups, community organizations and companies that focus on the triple bottom line of people, planet, profit. When hurricanes, fires mudslides, blackouts and other emergencies hit, coworking spaces open their doors to those displaced. Many coworking space operators [...]

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San Jose Mayor Comes Back to NextSpace San Jose

A couple of weeks ago, we were honored by the visit of the Mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo, at NextSpace San Jose. The purpose of his after-hours visit on a Wednesday evening was to explain his positions on a number of issues faced by the city of San Jose and to meet with [...]

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NextSpace Santa Cruz: The Near-death and Unexpected Reemergence of a Coworking Community

Our coworking community almost died. Technically, the community was in decent shape, but the company that housed us was in a downward spiral. A particularly low-point came in response to a whiteboard question: “How will 2017 be better than 2016?” One of the community managers wrote, “New job.” Another added, “+1,000,000.” How far we [...]

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Shared Office Space in Sacramento – 9 Things to Look for in Your Next Workspace

Sacramento, California has a rich history that includes being a distribution point during the Gold Rush, being an agriculture hotbed and being an endpoint for the Pony Express, the Transcontinental Railroad and more. These days, the Golden State’s capital city is known for its diversity, thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, food scene, arts and culture, and business [...]

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7 Reasons to Use a Virtual Mail Service Instead of a PO Box

Virtual mail services are not new—business centers have offered them for years. Virtual mail is, however, an increasingly common offering in coworking spaces as demand for more professional amenities grows in the shared workspace industry. In a nutshell, virtual mailbox services receive and process mail for clients. Unlike a traditional P.O. box, which is [...]

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On-Demand Office Space in Reno: Must-haves in Your Next Office

Once known primarily for its casinos, Reno, Nevada now boasts a range of cultural events, including Hot August Nights, the Great Reno Balloon Race and the Reno Air Races. The famed "Biggest Little City in the World" is also home to a growing tech and business ecosystem. Reno has attracted companies such as Tesla, [...]

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Virtual Office Versus Coworking Membership – Which is Right for Your Business?

The business landscape has changed in the last 10 years. It now includes a large number of solopreneurs, remote workers, independent professionals and startups-and that trend is expected to continue. According to the Freelancing in America 2017 report, 57.3 million Americans-36 percent of the U.S. workforce-are freelancers. This flexible workstyle means many professionals are no [...]

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Transparency as a Cornerstone of Pacific Workplaces Pricing Policy

At Pacific Workplaces (Pac) transparency is a religion. We believe that everything we do can be shared, analyzed, benchmarked. There is no taboo, no forbidden domain. Nothing that can’t be explained. That principle applies to internal and external communications. It is a philosophical cornerstone of our company. A principle that helps us be thoughtful and [...]

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How to Find the Right Shared Workspace in San Francisco: 7 Tips for Small Businesses

For small business teams in San Francisco, working in a shared workspace makes a lot of sense. Rather than dealing with things like ordering coffee and fixing the printer, small business owners can focus on building their business and utilize a San Francisco shared workspace operator to take care of the details. Shared office spaces [...]

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