Is a Coworking Flex Desk Right for Me?: Exploring Flexible Office Space Memberships

Thinking about joining a coworking space and wondering if a coworking flex desk membership is right for you? What the heck is a flex desk? Don’t worry - we got you! Choosing the right coworking membership depends on how you work best and what your professional needs are. Do you thrive in a bustling [...]

Three Easy Ways to Simplify Sustainability at Work

Many of us see sustainability initiatives as long-term projects which can be daunting, but you really can make an impact on a wide spectrum of sustainability issues by finding simple ways of taking meaningful action. At Pacific Workplaces and NextSpace, we're committed to fostering sustainability through our partnership with SUPER (Single Use Plastic Elimination [...]

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Pacific Workplaces Pricing Comparison with Regus & WeWork

Pacific Workplaces Pricing Comparison with Regus & WeWork Updated as of March 2024 In the spirit of full transparency, Pacific Workplaces (Pac) recently updated its comprehensive compilation of prices published by individual Pac locations and nearby Regus flexible office centers for relevant apple-to-apple comparisons, as well as a compilation of customer ratings for both [...]

Are Hybrid Work and Remote Work Interchangeable?

The evolution of work models has brought about significant changes in how and where we work. Two prominent models that have gained traction are remote work and hybrid work. In this article, we'll explore the differences between these models, how they overlap, examples of hybrid work setups, and the challenges faced by individuals on [...]

Why a Virtual Office with Pacific Workplaces?

In today's dynamic business landscape, small and medium-size business owners are reimagining traditional office spaces and exploring alternative solutions that offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and convenience. One such solution is a virtual office—a concept that has gained popularity in recent years, as an inexpensive way to establish a solid business identity or remote branch office. [...]

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Embrace Success with a Virtual Office: Top 10 Advantages to a Virtual Business in Cupertino

In the dynamic world of business, where flexibility and efficiency are key, the concept of a traditional office is rapidly evolving. One innovative solution that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years is the Virtual Office. In the heart of Silicon Valley, Cupertino, California, a Virtual Office offers a myriad of advantages that can [...]

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How to Negotiate the Best Deal for a Virtual Office

Do you even need a full-time office anymore? Maybe not. A growing number of startup founders, independent professionals, remote workers and freelancers work from wherever they can set up a laptop, including coworking spaces and flexible office spaces. If you fall into one of these categories, however, you may need occasional access to meeting rooms, [...]

Pacific Workplaces Cupertino Grand Opening on February 8, 2024

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 3, 2024 (Cupertino, CA) – Pacific Workplaces (PAC), the San Francisco-based flexible office space provider, is opening a new coworking space in Cupertino, California at 10080 N Wolfe Road. The grand opening celebration is on Thursday, February 8 from 3-5 pm.   “We are excited to open this location to continue to [...]


Transforming the World of Work through Sustainability

The World of Work & Sustainability Pacific Workplaces recognizes the growing importance of sustainability in the modern business world and the importance it holds for our communities and the members we serve.  In the pursuit of a sustainable future, more businesses are turning to innovative solutions that reduce their environmental impact and enhance their [...]

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The Business Boost: Why a Flexible Coworking Space in Cupertino, CA is Your Secret Weapon

In the heart of Silicon Valley, where innovation thrives and startups flourish, finding the perfect workspace can make all the difference for your business. Cupertino, California, known as the epicenter of technological advancement, offers entrepreneurs and professionals an exceptional environment to grow their ventures. Among the myriad of workspace options available, flexible coworking spaces [...]