Return to the Office, or Not? Why Landlords are partnering with flexible space operators to transition their vacant space to highly flexible coworking centers

In spite of many efforts to bring employees back to the office by prominent companies like Salesforce, Apple, Google, and Tesla, return to the corporate office has remained extremely low by historical standards, even though the fear of COVID is no longer a major issue. Commute time, gas prices, and quality of life are [...]

Employers see coworking as back-to-the-office alternative in San Francisco and suburbs

Written by Emily Landes  – Reporter, The Real Deal Real Estate News. See original article here. Photo: WeWork's Elton Kwok and its Salesforce office space; Pacific Workplaces Laurent Dhollande and its new Pacific Heights coworking space; Photo credit: Getty, WeWork, Pacific Workplaces (October 18, 2022 - San Francisco, CA) After struggling through the pandemic, [...]

Pacific Workplaces Opens New Coworking Location in San Francisco

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE October 5, 2022 (San Francisco, CA) – Pacific Workplaces (PAC), the San Francisco-based flexible office provider, announced today that it is opening a new coworking space in the Pacific Heights area at 2001 Van Ness Avenue, on the west side of Van Ness, where Pacific Heights, Nob Hill, and Polk Gulch intersect. [...]


Our CEO Discussion at the BuroClub Conference on Current Trends in Coworking

Our CEO, Laurent Dhollande, was recently a guest at the annual conference of the BuroClub network in Paris, via video interview. BuroClub is a growing franchise with over 200 flexible office locations throughout Europe. If you would like to view the discussion conducted in French, enjoy the video! We've also included the transcript of [...]

Pacific Workplaces Downtown Sacramento Grand Opening on September 29, 2022!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 7, 2022 (Sacramento, CA) - Pacific Workplaces (PAC), the San Francisco-based flexible office space provider, is opening a new coworking space in Downtown Sacramento. The grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting  will take place on Thursday, September 29  from 3-5 pm at 428 J Street, 4th Floor. This will be [...]


7 Management Mistakes to Avoid When Supporting A Hybrid Team

There’s no question: work-from-home (WFH) is here to stay. Businesses of all sizes have discovered unexpected benefits of a remote or hybrid team since lockdown. Meanwhile, job seekers are seeking roles that allow them to enhance their careers from the comfort of their own homes. With 71% of remote employees feeling happier about work-life [...]

International Coworking Day 2022 and Embracing A New Future of Work

As we celebrate Coworking Day on August 9th, we can’t help but reflect on the ways coworking has changed after the last two years of the pandemic. Even as our workspace communities were able to come back together in-person, it was clear that Covid ushered in new challenges and opportunities regarding the future of [...]

5 Clever Tips On How To Keep Your Virtual Background Professional

With working from home as the new normal, virtual meetings are a daily occurrence. If you’re in the camp of leisurewear under the desk and office wear on the screen, you’re not alone. It’s an easy habit to fall into.  Virtual backgrounds are your friend. If you’re unsure of the best way to make [...]

Be The Ideal Remote Worker With Our 7 Step Guide To Virtual Workplace Etiquette

In recent years, a revolution in the way people communicate has been witnessed in almost every imaginable walk of life.  Thanks to the proliferation of tools available to help us communicate and collaborate, a whole host of different industries have been transformed. You can now sit in a virtual waiting room while you wait [...]

Working in Different Time Zones: Ensuring Team Success Beyond Borders

As the world becomes more and more global, it’s becoming more common for teams to operate across different locations. Developments in virtual meeting technology has also made it easier for teams to work in a remote or hybrid workplace.  Remote working is a term that can be applied to any team that works outside [...]