Growing Our Community through the ‘Pac Experience’


Our goal at Pacific Workplaces is to ‘Make Work Better’ and throughout the years our fellow ‘PACmates’ have contributed to this mission by referring friends and colleagues to our PAC Community. To show our appreciation, we are excited to announce our new PAC Gift Program in […]

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Pacific Workplaces Reveals Boost in Lawyers Opting for Shared Workspace as Provider Now Hosts Over 500 Attorneys in San Francisco Bay Area

Workspace Provider Pacific Workplaces Announces How Small Legal Firms are Changing The Way They Run Their Business

October 21, 2016Pacific Workplaces, a leading provider of Shared Office Space, is not a Law Firm, yet it may host the largest community of attorneys and small legal firms in Northern California. The ever increasing number of […]

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Making the world a better place in Sacramento: West Valley Construction and Re Vision Consulting

Throughout the years, Pacific Workplaces has had the pleasure of hosting or incubating a number of incredible thriving startups, expanding corporations and many other fantastic companies on their way to entrepreneurial greatness. This particular series of blog posts will feature a select few of the many success stories we are overjoyed to have […]

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Tech industry heavy hitters: Splice, RhodeCode and LiquidSpace [Video]

At Pacific Workplaces, we understand that many of our clients’ needs are not static, which is why they come to us for our […]

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Paving the way: Mountain Mike’s Pizza, A1 Express Delivery Service and Polar Service Centers [Video]

Pacific Workplaces has been providing convenient, modern, full-time offices and virtual office solutions for companies for many years. Throughout the time […]

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Not just another lawyer: Lunski & Stimpert, Morrison & Foerster and Taggart Law Offices [Video]

At Pacific Workplaces, we have been honored to host and incubate a variety of growing companies, startups and corporations since we first […]

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The path to success: 3-V Biosciences, Catholic Online and ValueLabs

At Pacific Workplaces, we believe that companies deserve the flexibility of leasing virtual or full-time offices without the hassle of signing long-term contracts. Many of the greatest services, inventions and ideas begin when thinkers are given the freedom to pursue what they love in a space they feel comfortable in. Throughout our years getting to know many fantastic entrepreneurs, companies and startups, we are proud to say we have been a part of many success stories. Here are three companies we are especially proud to have either hosted or still share in their path to greatness:

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Household names: Caterpillar, Fetch! Pet Care and AT&T [VIDEO]

For as long as we have be in business, we have leased or incubated rising or established companies, entrepreneurs and startups at our many convenient locations throughout southern California. This article is a part of an ongoing series that highlights each of these companies and why they are so important to Pacific Workplaces. For this article, we will focus on three companies that are household names and leaders in their respective fields. […]

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Three leading providers of financial, banking and lending services: Raymond James, Stearns Lending and Piper Jaffray [Video]

At Pacific Workplaces, we are proud of each and every one of the amazing businesses, startups and organizations that have spent time at one of our many shared workspaces across the sunny state of California. Throughout the years, we have had the honor of witnessing many of these companies and individuals achieve industry success and continue to grow in productivity and profitability. This series of blog posts features a few of these fantastic companies that have at one time or another been a part of the Pacific Workplaces network. This post will feature three businesses that are well versed in the art of banking, lending and financial planning services. […]

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Short-term stay, long-term success: iCandy Salon, Motorola and Mobissimo [Video]

At Pacific Workplaces, we have hosted or incubated many incredible startups, companies and entrepreneurs throughout the years. Some continue to benefit from our full-time or virtual office spaces, while others have moved on to new locations. Though we only hosted them for a short time, here are three incredible organizations that have since achieved long-term success!


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