Why Consultants Quit Their Jobs to Go Independent

Author:  Dena McCallum, Susan J. Ashford and Brianna Barker Caza From Pacific Workplaces: To our coworking communities filled with talented independent consultants, this article as seen on Harvard Business Review is for you! The talent game for big employers is changing While firms have traditionally competed with each other for talent, they are now [...]

Harvard Business Review Career Tips & Talking Points: Stuck in a Midcareer Rut? Get Help From a Mentor

Check out this article we've published in partnership with Harvard Business Review which offers several helpful tips for people looking for a boost in their daily work-life.  Why do people get trapped in a midcareer rut? In some cases it’s because, after succeeding early on, they play it safe rather than continuing to take [...]

How to Become a Digital Nomad

Author:  Kristin Wong This article we are publishing is in partnership with the New York Times and is a good read for anyone considering nomadic life, with many helpful tips including one that touches on virtual mail services. More than 4.8 million American independent workers describe themselves as digital nomads: extended travelers who work [...]

A Profile on NextSpace Coworking Berkeley Community Manager: William Abriel

NextSpace is known in the coworking world as a pioneer in the art of connecting people in a way that fosters organic collaboration and innovation within a workspace community (a.k.a "The NextSpace Effect").  As a key facilitator of the NextSpace Effect, read on to learn about William Abriel, Community Manager at NextSpace Coworking Berkeley. [...]

Opportunity Zone Developers and Coworking Spaces Join Forces

Author:  Tom Acitelli From Pacific Workplaces:  While economists argue over whether opportunity zones can effectively transform our cities, we appreciate the idea of supporting local entrepreneurs – this is what we do!  As an operator of flexible offices and coworking places, we support startups and new businesses through member events that facilitate connections, along [...]

Are You Ready to Go Freelance?

Author:  Brianna Barker Caza, Susan J. Ashford, Erin Reid and Dena McCallum Copyright: c.2019 Harvard Business School Publishing Corp. Distributed by The New York Times Licensing Group From Pacific Workplaces: There are many benefits to freelance work, but working alone brings a new set of challenges such as feelings of isolation.  The article below [...]

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The 5 Scariest Things About Working Alone — and How to Overcome Them

This guest post comes from Laura Gayle, founder of Business Woman Guide, a great resource for women who want to grow their business on their own terms. The world of freelance work can be an exciting one — and also a solitary one. You get a lot of benefits by being your own boss: [...]

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How Your Unique Coworking Community Drives Member Events & Programming

We all recognize the importance of events and member programming as key factors to building coworking community. The Global Workspace Association says that community is the sustainable competitive advantage and retention tool for every shared workspace. However, planning events can be challenging. What kind of events should you host? When you’re not sure what [...]

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Pacific Workplaces Opens New Flexible Office Location in Marin County

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 6, 2019 - Pacific Workplaces (PAC) announced today that it is opening a new flexible office space location in Larkspur, California. The location will be known as ‘Pacific Workplaces Marin.' “Our members have been asking us to open a coworking location in Marin County for a long time,” says Pacific [...]

Healthy Coworker, Healthy Business: How coworking increases social capital, wellness, and improves your overall business health

When you join a coworking space, you’re doing more than securing a consistent place to dive into work. Modern coworking spaces provide a sense of community for members, independent workers who love the idea of working alone— together. In a 2017 Harvard Business Review article, “Coworking Is Not About Workspace- It’s About Feeling Less [...]