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Video Conferencing Solutions

Zoom Rooms are useful video conferencing solutions for Work From Home (WFH) professionals and remote wokers who need to have highly collaborative and professional meetings with colleagues, clients, or potential partners.  Having face-to-face communication in a private room allows your business to stay ahead.  You should consider leveraging Zoom Rooms Video Conferencing for:

  • Hiring/interviewing executive candidates
  • Video depositions
  • Closing a deal with an important prospect/client
  • Training sessions
  • Regularly scheduled team meetings with fellow work associates all over the world

Zoom Rooms Enterprise Video Conferencing Solutions

We host hundreds of small and large HD Video Conferences throughout the year and are excited to offer fully-equipped Zoom Rooms for an enhanced video conferencing experience.  Schedule your next meeting in one of our Zoom Rooms and enjoy the following:

  1. Ease of use – you can start a meeting in a Zoom Room with the touch of a button!
  2. Flat screen displays of 65-inches, HD cameras and audio equipment, plus built-in microphones for an executive-level video conferencing experience, a different level of experience than a regular Zoom video call for all participants.
  3. Wireless content sharing between multiple users simultaneously and interactive whiteboarding capabilities.
  4. Up to 100 participants
  5. We coordinate everything for you ahead of time.  Once you arrive, the system is prepared for your meeting attendees to join your meeting.  
  6. Onsite staff to help should you need anything throughout your Zoom Room meeting.
  7. Zoom Rooms and equipment are sanitized before and after every meeting.  Rooms are set-up to respect physical distancing, in a safe environment.  For more information on the de-densification of our meeting rooms and our sanitation procedures, please check out our Health & Safety Policy.