A Customer Case Study

Why Our Service Model Is So Effective

Beth and Joe are successful attorneys who recently left a big law firm to build up a practice on their own. Joe lives in Danville and Beth lives in Orinda. Most of their clients are in the financial district in San Francisco. Our Walnut Creek center is ideally situated: 30 minutes to their clients by BART and a few minutes drive to their homes.

Beth and Joe are on the road and in meetings most of the time, but their phones never stop ringing. They can’t afford to miss even one call, so our staff (their staff!) answers their calls, screens them, and either announces them, patches them, or forwards them to voice mail, as needed.

When Beth and Joe meet with clients at their office, they appreciate the professionalism of our staff (their staff!) Their visitors are greeted and escorted to our professional conference rooms with a coffee and a smile.

They access the Web through the center’s Enterprise-grade Internet connection when they need to do research on their online library, subscribed to through Pacific Workplaces.

They appreciate the conference rooms, the full array of equipment in the copying room, and their pleasantly furnished private office – it’s all part of the package they received when they moved in.

No Overhead. No Waste.

And therein lies the benefit of a shared office infrastructure. Small businesses like Beth’s and Joe’s could not afford a full time receptionist, a full fledge copying room infrastructure, an Enterprise-grade Internet connection, and a sophisticated telephony system.

With Pacific Workplaces they can, because that expensive infrastructure is shared with all tenants.

IT support and administrative support are available on demand, under a pay-per-use model. Our facilities and business support services are equal to that of their former law firm, but they only pay for the services they need, when they need them. No overhead. No waste!

Beth and Joe are representative of many of our members. Whether they are attorneys, software developers, sales executives, or local entrepreneurs, Pacific Workplaces members customers realize that our bundling of office space and support services provides for a very cost-effective business model.

How cost effective is it? It could be half the cost of a traditional office solution. The actual savings will depend upon your individual situation. See our cost comparison between traditional office space and a Pacific Workplaces solution.

By the way… our attorney friends recently discovered that another Pacific Workplaces member can manage their bookkeeping and accounting needs, and a local web designer could help with maintaining their web site. Needless to say, they are relieved.. That’s a few hours a month saved to focus on what they do best: build a successful legal practice. They also approached Karina and Jamie who share an office in the same location, who have asked their help with incorporating their new Delaware-based venture!

Cost Comparison

Why is our hosted office model so cost effective? The answer is simple: our customers pay for what they need, when they need it. No idle space leased, such as a dedicated conference room used less than half of the time. No investment in expensive office infrastructure (it’s already there!). Bottom line: No waste.

Up-Front Capital Savings: $81,215
Annual Recurring Savings: $44,559
Annual % Savings: 40%

The following table demonstrates total cost associated with an 5 person conventional office space vs. a comparable Pac office solution.

Initial Up-front Costs
Traditional Pac
Space Build-out in Excess of Landlord Allowance $32,400 0
Reception Station $3,800 0
Conference Room Setup $11,400 0
Individual Office Furnishing (4 Executive Workstations) $11,400 0
Security Requirements (Refundable) $19,080 $4,995
Staff Recruiting Costs $4,275 0
Office Equipment
Phones $2,850 0
Copier/Printer $950 0
Other Office Equipment $950 0
Setup Fees (Telephone, etc.) $180 $1,075
Total Up-front Capital Required $87,285 $6,070
Annual On-Going Expenses
Traditional Pac
Rent Expenses (NNN) $38,160 $45,675
Building Operating Expenses $17,701 0
Telephone Lines $2,736 0
Telephone Usage $2,850 $2,760
Internet Access with Router Standard $4,788 0
Connectivity Package 0 $11,771
Office Staff, Including Benefits $32,110 $3,192
Temp Agency Expense (Vacation/Sick Days) $2,394 0
Other Services (Delivery, Supplies, Catering, etc.) $2,280 $2,280
Coffee & Beverage Service Additional $1,995 0
Equipment Rental/Service Cost $1,140 0
Miscellaneous $298 0
Copier (Based on 1,000 Copies per Month) $4,560 $1,044
Total Ongoing Expenses $111,012 $66,452