Our Members

When it comes to workspaces, one size does not fit all.

Because workpsace needs vary depending upon the nature of the work, we like to provide our members with a wide range of options, ranging from private offices for concentrated work (dedicated or part-time), open spaces and business lounges for coworking and collaborative work, and private conference rooms of various sizes for meetings. All highly professional workspaces, staffed, with good coffee, and plenty of bandwidth.

That workspace diversity in turns makes our center atractive to a rich and diverse member base, including:

Startups Start ups. Not all our members will go through successful IPOs like Trulia, or will achieve mega-fame like Uber, both

Pac alumni, but it does not matter: we take a lot of pride in helping the startups and entrepreneurs we incubate achieve their goals, big and small.

Professional Firms Professional Firms. Our dedicated private offices are especially helpful to attorneys and consultants whose discussions with clients need to remain private. But our private office members do enjoy coming out and meshing with other Pac members at events hosted in our business lounges.
Corporate Users Corporate Users. Many corporate warriors stop by and touchdown in a private office or a coworking area, often to avoid commuting to a far away corporate campus when they don’t need to. We love helping them cut down on un-necessary commute time and be more productive at work.
Foreign companies outposts Foreign companies outposts. Silicon Valley is the most prominent high tech hub in the world. So it’s no surprise that so many international folks cross paths at Pacific Workplaces. As a result, we have developed a sharp expertise helping scores of Chinese, Indian, Japanese, French, German, and South American companies establish a successful beachhead in the San Francisco Bay Area. They nicely add to the diversity and cosmopolitan nature of our Pac communities.
Mobile Workers Mobile Workers. Increasingly we see visitors from out of town using our Day Offices and Meeting rooms. They may not always be active participants in our local events, but they are always welcome to join and we always enjoy hearing news from far away places.