There is a secret new blog addiction amongst some of us at Pacific Business Centers …

If you are looking for a high-minded academic or stuffy resource … this is not the blog for you. BUT, this style is actually one of the best things about their site.

Trizle covers a wide range of topics that are key to small businesses and entrepreneurs – such as HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and Business Development. All of this is presented in a no-holds, call-it-like-I see-it-manner … that not only enlightens but makes you laugh.

If I haven’t convinced you yet that this is a blog that is worth checking out, there is one more great aspect of their blog … and that is a welcoming community. Each article has an active discussion with great insights being shared amongst the community.

Check out … it is a great resource for Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.

danielle-headshot2Danielle Duenas
Operations Manager
Pacific Business Centers (rebranded as Pacific Workplaces)

Danielle works with clients in our San Mateo-Amphlett and San Francisco locations to assist them in designing business operations that support their day-to-day and long term goals. Danielle has a total of 8 years experience in business operations.