A sports coach pushes an athlete to achieve optimum performance, provides support when exhausted, and teaches the athlete to execute plays that the competition does not anticipate. A sporting coach will have you run more laps than you feel like. A sporting coach will tell it like it is. And, a sporting coach will listen.

But what does this have to do with you and your business?

Being an executive or business owner is very much like being an athlete. While many people have an innate ability to perform in their business, every professional can benefit from the training and expertise of focused coaching combined with training. In fact, some studies suggest that 54% of businesses are using some form of business coaching.

What Is A Business Coach?

The role of the Business Coach is to coach business owners to improve their business through guidance, support, and encouragement. Business coaching helps small and medium-sized business owners with their sales, marketing, management, team building, and so much more. Just like a sporting coach, your Business Coach will help you focus on the game.

According to a survey conducted in 2010, coaching clients of the International Coach Federation showed that:

  • 62.4% experienced improved goal-setting
  • 60.5% reported more balanced life
  • 57.1% reduced stress levels
  • 52.4% had more self-confidence
  • 43.3% felt coaching improved quality of life
  • 25.7% reported an increase in income

A Business Coach is like a consultant, with years of successful experience that can provide valuable insight, help you develop long-term and short-term goals and strategies, as well as improve your business in areas that you might have overlooked.