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Sept 11th, 2013 – Palo Alto, CA – A new coworking space just opened in Palo Alto near Highway 101 and Embarcadero. This is the second location for Enerspace – its original 9,000 sq foot space is in Chicago’s West Loop. Enerspace describes itself as the modern workspace for today’s entrepreneurs and mobile professionals. The Palo Alto location at 2225 East Bayshore Road is attracting its share of the area’s high concentration of start-ups, but unlike the area’s many accelerator programs, welcomes a diverse range of professions. Its early members run the gamut of tech start-ups, designers, journalists and business development pros that need a place to keep up their energy. Enerspace is designed to support a variety of work styles with a mix of offices set up for individuals or small teams, dedicated workstations, and a large café area for drop-in seating and meeting rooms.

To align with its founder, Jamie Russo’s mission of “workspace plus wellness,” the space offers bike storage, standing desks, an atrium for outdoor working or creative thinking, an abundance of natural light, access to running trails, showers, healthy lunch options and partnerships with local health startups. The space is accented in red and orange, the colors of passion and energy.

Enerspace Palo Alto is a unique, ground-breaking joint venture between a coworking space committed to a very modern, urban aesthetic focused on supporting a collaborate community and Pacific Workplaces (PAC), a provider of on-demand office space with 17 locations in California. PAC is very engaged in supporting the future of work and thinks that the coworking model growth is only in its infancy. “We started getting excited about coworking in 2004 when Neil Goldberg opened the Gate-3 Work Club in Emeryville, one of the first incarnations of the coworking concept,” said Laurent Dhollande, CEO of PAC; “We are thrilled to have found with Jamie Russo a terrific partner with whom we can drive this model away from trial-and-error experimentation to building a reliable work community platform for freelancers and start-ups.”

Citizen Space, which opened in 2006 in San Francisco, is recognized as one of the very first coworking spaces that is still in business. In 2007 there were 75 coworking spaces worldwide. Between 2009 and 2012, the number doubled each year and there are now over 2,700 spaces with 4.5 new locations opening each day.*

Coworking growth is driven by a range of cultural shifts including the low cost of starting a tech company, the burgeoning freelancer community, the belt-tightening of corporate real estate managers and the growing participation in the shared economy.

Pacific Workplaces already hosts more than 2,000 solopreneurs and start-ups in its 15 Northern California locations and understands what early stage entrepreneurs need to succeed. “We give them access to private offices, virtual offices, conference rooms, and we support them with a robust shared infrastructure”, said Dhollande, “But the innovation behind the Enerspace approach is the peer-to-peer support that takes place more naturally in a coworking environment, and is invaluable for early stage entrepreneurs, while still providing a highly professional work environment. People join for a productive place to get stuff done among like-minded individuals trying to do great things.”

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