Productivity is a major concern in the modern workplace. Without this efficiency, your business will stagnate and lose its competitiveness. But, productivity doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Satisfied employees are more likely to be productive, so you need to hire people who are a perfect match for the job and create conditions that lead to more satisfied employees.

For the hiring process:

    • Write a clear description of the job. Include logistical details of the position including each task required, as well as the values and behaviors that would be best suited for the position.

    • Share this description with each potential candidate. Ask each how they might fulfill the tasks required for the position. Watch for their enthusiasm about the tasks and the passion for the position. Evaluate both their potential to complete the basics of the task, as well as their interest in doing the task.
  • Introduce your potential employee to your team. Your office environment is more productive when everyone is working together. Your existing team should have input – ask whether they think any potential hire will contribute to the existing work environment.

For your office environment:

    • Make your vision and goals for the company clear. People are more focused and involved in their job when they know there is a common goal that everyone is working for. If you have a vision for your business, share it with your employees. They will be as inspired and motivated as you are to make that dream a reality.
    • Emphasize team environment. When each role in your business has a clear set of tasks and responsibilities, everyone knows what they should be doing. They are more likely to be productive and happier with their positions.
    • Make sure your communication system works. People feel more valued when they know that they’re heard. When they feel valued, they are more productive. Set up a clear communication system that lets your team members know they will be heard. It should also be set up so that you can clearly communicate your expectations and desires for your employee’s work.
    • Accept and share responsibility with your employees: Teamwork increases productivity and true teamwork means that you, as the boss, are involved. If your employees know that you are just as invested in doing the day to day work of the business as they are, they’ll be more likely to invest themselves in their jobs. Sharing responsibility is a high form of leadership.
    • Reward your employees when they deserve it: Many employers feel like rewards and praise might diminish an employee’s desire to work harder. In fact, giving praise when it’s earned is a good way to ensure that your employees will continue to be productive into the future. Giving recognition freely will create a better work environment for everyone at your company.

Courtney Ramirez
Research Analyst, Pacific Business Centers (rebranded as Pacific Workplaces)

Courtney’s research for Pacific Business Centers focuses on tracking emerging business trends and best practices – with an emphasis on how they affect business operations, technology, and office space infrastructure.