According to Bloomberg’s article by James Nash “Reno wants to be Silicon Valley’s back office,” Reno, Nevada is mapping out the second act of its American life. We wholeheartedly agree! In fact, our observation post in downtown Reno tells us it is already the case.

Reno is Silicon Valley’s back officePacific Workplaces has enjoyed a unique opportunity of participating in Reno’s resurgence. We’ve cheered with our neighbors as Tesla announced it would build its ‘Gigafactory’ in Reno, an addition that will no doubt change the business landscape. We’ve followed regular breaking news from EDAWN (Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada) as they share information about a host of other divergent business including: Clear Capital, Nutrient Foods, and Koch Business Solutions LP that are participating in the resurgence of this biggest little city, by moving or growing their business there.

We see it in our own center, with our IT start ups, HR companies, economic accelerator efforts as well as attorneys, financial planners and the like. We agree with the quote in the Bloomberg article, “Its

[Reno] got that ‘things are happening’ feel to it.”

Reno is the perfect business solution for those anyone looking for work-life balance: outdoor enthusiasts drawn to the recreation of the greater Lake Tahoe area and a tempered, yet seasonal climate, of the high desert; those wanting an entrepreneur economy bolstered by a relatively low cost of living and a burgeoning university and, of course, the benefits of looser business and tax regulations that Nevada is known for.

Things ARE happening in Reno!