Virtual Tour of our PBC San Mateo Office Space

Pacific Business Centers’ San Mateo Office Space is located at the border of Foster City and San Mateo on the southeast quadrant of Highways 101 and 92. Our San Mateo Office Business Center is strategically located on the San Francisco Peninsula. We offer Full-Time Office Space, Part-Time offices, Coworking, and […]

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PBC Walnut Creek Office Space Virtual Tour

Our Pacific Business Centers Walnut Creek Office Space is strategically located across from the BART Station in Downtown Walnut Creek. We offer Full-Time Office Space, Part-Time offices, Coworking, HD Video Conferencing, and Virtual Offices designed for image, convenience, and efficiency. Let our professional support staff handle the details, so […]

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5 Tips for Surviving Your First (or Fiftieth) Trade Show

Attending trade shows can be a necessary evil or a wonderful opportunity to network with potential suppliers and customers to build your business. If your goal is to make the most of the multiple opportunities attending a trade show can present, check out these tips for surviving your first or (fiftieth) trade show.

1. Wear comfortable footwear.
Walking on a trade show floor is not the time to break in a new pair of shoes. If you are planning to buy a new pair for the show, do so a few weeks in advance and break them in well before the first day of the event. You may want to add some cushioned insoles to your shoes for extra comfort, especially if you will be standing or walking on a concrete floor for most of the day. […]

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Social Media Mistakes – Avoid Burning Your Brand Online

The importance of social media is so pervasive that it’s hard to overstate just how much it can do for a business. With hundreds of millions of users around the world, social media sites have become a place to learn about everything from which clothes are in style to which exterminators are reliable.

There are many ways to cut costs in a business (like using a shared office space), but cutting out a reliable social media presence should never be one of them! There should always be someone in charge of your social media messages, ensuring that there is someone there to address complaints, take off offensive messages when needed, and keep people informed of new developments in the company. […]

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Virtual Tour of our PBC Pleasant Hill Office Space

Pacific Business Centers’ Pleasant Hill Office Space provides a unique office space environment with a lush courtyard and a garden setting, and immediate access to several major transportation arteries. We offer Full-Time Office Space, Part-Time offices, Coworking, and Virtual Offices designed for image, convenience, and efficiency. Let our professional support staff handle the details, so you can focus on what you do best —increasing revenue and growing your business.


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Shared Office Space: 5 Unique Benefits of Coworking

Coworking SpaceHave you heard about coworking? For entrepreneurs and solo service professionals, coworking is a great way to emulate the best parts of working in an office while still keeping your flexibility and freedom as an independent business owner. Using a shared office space to cowork with other professionals can bring you more opportunities, cost savings and a legitimate conference space to meet with clients.

Here are five unique benefits that you can get from coworking in a shared office space. […]

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4 Ways to Build a Strong Company Culture

San Jose CommunityA company’s culture is often what attracts potential employees and keeps them there. If the culture is positive, it’s easier to retain the employees you need. There are several steps you can take to keep management and employees working as a positive and productive unit and foster a strong company culture – even if you’re working out of a shared office space.

  1. Let employees know what your company stands for. Having a mission statement that lets everyone know what the company’s core values are lets your employees know what values management holds in high esteem. […]
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The Right Office Space for Your Businesses’ Needs

Traditional office space was the standard for startup businesses. Back in the day, anything outside of the norm was considered to be unprofessional or risky. However, technology has driven the market towards new realizations and new office space solutions. Now, it’s possible for both new and established businesses to create a custom solution, or variety of solutions, that meet their needs.

Virtual Office Options

For service and consulting businesses, the pressure to have a physical location is less and less – online communication and collaboration tools make the traditional office redundant. Why dedicate precious startup capital on an office lease, especially when your business function doesn’t depend on office space. […]

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Office Business Centers – The Sky is the Limit for Growth


Taken At Pacific Business Centers, Walnut Creek

Taken At Pacific Business Centers, Walnut Creek

Where is your company going to be in two years? In five? Even if you have a very detailed business plan that outlines your future success step by step you can’t be exactly sure how your business will do and how many employees you’ll have until you walk the walk.

Is your office space prepared for your growth? Since you can’t say for sure how big the size of your business will be in the next few years, it’s impossible to tell how much office space you’ll need. What’s a business owner to do? Signing a multi-year lease for office space paints you into a corner. If your business doesn’t grow to meet the size of the space, you’ll be paying for space that you can’t use. Because you are locked into your lease, your overhead for your business will be greater than your need for space. Paying a lease that is too high for your needs can suck up capital that could be used to grow your business. […]

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San Mateo Office Space Grand Re-Opening!

What’s better than a business center with live phone answering, mail reception, and meeting rooms? How about upgraded equipment and a party! That’s exactly what Pacific Business Centers clients got at our San Mateo office space. The center added 4500 square feet of space and upgraded its equipment in order to stay cutting edge. Pacific Business Center clients, both old and new, were treated to a grand re-opening complete with a ribbon cutting ceremony (photos), appetizers, and a great networking opportunity.

San Mateo held the grand re-opening as a way to welcome new clients and thank old clients who occupied the space through the construction. The renovations to the center began in early February and were completed the second week of April. […]

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