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Welcome to NextSpace Coworking, now powered by Pacific Workplaces (Pac)! We are all about creating a great coworking experience for our members and connecting them to our remarkable community- who’ve made us what we are today. With our recent acquisition by Pac, we’ve been able to stay true to the original NextSpace vision and culture while being part of an expanding portfolio of Pac-Certified locations. (So, yes! We are still the NextSpace everyone knows and loves).

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What is The NextSpace Effect?

The NextSpace Effect™ is what happens when you put intelligent, creative people together in a curated community—a NextSpace. It’s proof that we’re better together, that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. In every NextSpace, members get to know each other: They sit next to one another. They talk and connect. And something new and amazing happens. It might be an idea. A referral. A product.  A lot of companies have been created by ‘Spacers’ who got to know each other and made it happen. If we have a secret sauce here, that’s it. Communities create collaborations which in turn creates something brand­ new. You can’t summon up the NextSpace Effect™—nobody knows exactly how it happens, but we know WHERE it happens, here at NextSpace.


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Our mission is to Make Work Better.  We do this by creating vibrant, highly engaged communities where our members feel connected and supported to do their best work. We do this by providing comfortable and professional work environments paired with networking, social and entrepreneurial events.

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Our job is to foster what we call the “hum,” the “glow,” or the “vibe” of our workspace communities.  At Nextspace, there is a free flow of ideas, relationships, and collaboration. Members are part of a genuine community—they know others, and are known. And work is not seen as something necessary for life, but as an integral part of it.

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It boils down to “WE CARE.”  Members come first, always.  We are a community—we share values, respect one another, and trust one another. We treat each other with the utmost respect. We have fun! We take our jobs seriously, but not ourselves. (Our company mascot is an orange moose named Reginald or Reggie for short!)


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In the heart of Santa Cruz, California, NextSpace burst forth from the minds of then Economic Development Director Jeremy Neuner, Mayor Ryan Coonerty and Attorney Caleb Baskin, who envisioned a utopia in which empty offices could be forged into a signature blend of work space and community. A group of investors was picking up what they were putting down and agreed to fund it. This is known as the pen click heard around the world.




Battered by the torrential 2008 markets, the Santa Cruz community grabbed their bannermen and rallied around NextSpace, as it rapidly became a hub of economic activity, bringing together entrepreneurs, freelancers, and people seeking to balance life and work on their own terms. The mingling of our founding members and new faces created a strong network, leading to many successful ventures and was eventually termed the NextSpace Effect.




NextSpace started to realize their members were having kids, so NextKids opened in July in collaboration with NextSpace Potrero Hill. Sadly, real estate realities of San Francisco in 2015 meant that NextSpace Potrero Hill was unable to renew the lease, so NsPT and NextKids were closed in early 2016. It took Reginald the Moose three weeks to stop weeping. It took us longer.


Pacific Workplaces Expands Portfolio with NextSpace Acquisition


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE July 18, 2017- Santa Cruz, CA: Pacific Workplaces announced today that it has acquired various assets from NextSpace Coworking and Innovation Inc, including the NextSpace Brand and Website, and that it is taking over the management of several NextSpace coworking places, including the NextSpace flagship and historical location in Santa Cruz.

Pacific Workplaces CEO, Laurent Dhollande, said: “We were honored to be approached by the NextSpace executive team a few months ago, as they thought Pacific Workplaces was best positioned to take over the management of several of its coworking locations, bringing our operating expertise to better serve the existing NextSpace communities.”

As part of a multi-party deal, San Francisco-based Pacific Workplaces acquired the NextSpace brand and website, and agreed on new terms with landlords to take over the management of former NextSpace coworking operations. This will bring the number of locations under management by PBC Management LLC, the Pacific Workplaces management company, to nineteen.

NextSpace is a legendary name in the coworking industry. NextSpace Santa Cruz opened in 2008 and was one of the very first coworking places in the world, focused on developing a community of professionals that not only share the same office infrastructure but also actively help each other be successful in their respective enterprise. This special ability to tap into a supportive community became known as the “NextSpace Effect.”

Laurent Dhollande added: “You don’t need to spend much time in a NextSpace community to see the ‘NextSpace Effect’ in action. It is a beautiful thing! Something precious, which we will cherish.”

To signify Pacific Workplaces’ desire to build on the existing NextSpace winning formula, the coworking locations involved will retain the NextSpace brand, now powered by Pacific Workplaces.

Pacific Workplaces will bring to bear more depth and rigor to the coworking operating platform, expand the level of services, grow the communities, and improve the technology environment. Dhollande added: “The improvements we will make are critical components of healthy coworking operations, but mostly back-end related. We will take great care of staying true to the original values and character of the existing communities. In fact, the NextSpace experience will be a great source of inspiration for the rest of the Pacific Workplaces portfolio, which I foresee will permeate throughout the group by osmosis and with the sharing of best practices.”


About Pacific Workplaces

Pacific Workplaces (Pac) manages 19 shared office space locations, mostly in California, that offer a wide range of part-time and full-time office space including virtual offices, private offices, coworking spaces, and mini-suites with active communities of professionals who help each other be successful in their respective enterprises. Members have access to furnished offices, hot desks, meeting rooms, VoIP telephony, unified messaging, phone answering services, IT support, admin support, online legal library, and to our CloudTouchdown network of day offices and meeting spaces with over 600 locations worldwide, under a pay-per-use hosted model Pac refers to as Workplace-as-a-Service.  Pac partners with landlords to develop and operate coworking and other types of shared office spaces. The Pac model responds to trends toward a more distributed workforce, increased flexibility, sustainability, the desire to join professional communities, with a growing demand from professionals associated with small and large firms alike. All Pac centers are operated by PBC Management LLC under the Pacific Workplaces, Enerspace Coworking, and NextSpace brands.