From Solopreneurs to Startups…

The number of people self-employed is expected to grow from 15.5 million in 2015 to 60 million by 2020, or 40% of the American workforce.

0 million
Self-Employed in 2015
0 million
Self-Employed by 2020

Pacific Workplaces was designed to facilitate that transition:

  • From employed to self-employed,
  • From experiencing corporate frustrations to building a dream,
  • From walking the first uncertain steps as a solopreneur to building a convincing startup,
  • From feeling anxious and lonely to joining a warm and helpful community of like-kind entrepreneurs
  • From solo-entrepreneurs to start-ups to big businesses

We do this in multiple ways:

  • By building coworking communities of freelancers and entrepreneurs in our space, so that experiences can be shared – an entrepreneur should never feel alone!
  • By offering inexpensive workspace products that support freelancers and start up who work primarily from home, like Virtual Offices, but use our day offices and meeting rooms from time to time
  • By expanding our coworking offering for the independent contractors who don’t like to work from home but don’t need a Full-Time Office
  • By offering no-term leases and easily expandable Full-Time Office solutions once the solopreneur graduates to start-up status and may need space for multiple employees.
  • By curating a rich but diverse community that also include remote workers from large companies, which helps the community stay connected with what’s going at the big brothers.