International Coworking Day is an annual celebration on August 9th that shines a spotlight on the power of coworking and its impact on professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers worldwide. It’s a reminder of the many benefits that coworking spaces offer, fostering a sense of community, collaboration, and personal growth. It’s also a day to recognize that the way we work is always evolving and that the future of work is something to be curious and excited about.

Why coworking?

What makes people choose to work in Coworking space? Certainly there are beneficial aspects such as cost savings, productivity, and flexibility, but we think it’s the human element of what Coworking brings to people that really makes it unique. To celebrate the occasion, we put together a video of our valued members sharing what they love most about Coworking. Here’s what they had to say.

While not without its challenges, work-from-home (WFH) has impacted our workforce. Many not only prefer, but have come to expect a hybrid model as an option when seeking employment opportunities. Coworking spaces are one of the resources companies can use to meet that demand.  International Coworking Day serves as a reminder of the impact coworking has had on not only the way we work, but upon the individuals who choose to work in our spaces which embrace flexibility, productivity, professionalism, and a sense of community. Let’s celebrate the positive influence our industry has had on individuals and the wider work landscape. We look forward to continuing to Make Work Better for future coworkers.

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