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The Business Boost: Why a Flexible Coworking Space in Cupertino, CA is Your Secret Weapon

In the heart of Silicon Valley, where innovation thrives and startups flourish, finding the perfect workspace can make all the difference for your business. Cupertino, California, known as the epicenter of technological advancement, offers entrepreneurs and professionals an exceptional environment to grow their ventures. Among the myriad of workspace options available, flexible coworking spaces [...]

Celebration of International Coworking Day: Pacific Workplaces’ Members Honor Coworking’s Foundation

International Coworking Day is an annual celebration on August 9th that shines a spotlight on the power of coworking and its impact on professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers worldwide. It's a reminder of the many benefits that coworking spaces offer, fostering a sense of community, collaboration, and personal growth. It's also a day to recognize that [...]

Embracing Coworking in a Hybrid Work World

The world of work is rapidly evolving, and the rise of hybrid work models has become a game-changer for professionals worldwide. In this new era, where remote and office-based work intertwine, coworking spaces have emerged as a beacon of flexibility, collaboration, and productivity. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why coworking [...]

Why Did We Sell CloudVO to Yardi?

Authored by Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Pacific Workplaces and outgoing CEO of CloudVO. We sold CloudVO to Yardi on June 1st, 2023. I already shared our reasons with CloudVO partners, which I will summarize in this post. If You Can’t Fight Them, Join Them In a recently released blog article “Yardi and its Internet [...]

Yardi and its Internet Listing Sites are Changing the Service Provider Landscape in the Coworking Industry

Most service providers won’t be able to keep up - This article is designed for coworking operators. Written by Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Pacific Workplaces and outgoing CEO of CloudVO. There are two major marketing platforms that we see emerging in our industry, with a large group of service providers that will likely be [...]

The Future of Work: The Changing Landscape of the Modern Workplace

Coworking and flexible office spaces will definitely play an important role in the future of work. This article highlights some of the major factors that will impact the world of work in order to gain a better understanding on what to expect, and how the flexible office industry is poised to be a main [...]

Why Pacific Workplaces is Home To Legal Firms

In a survey by the International Association of Lawyers, 63% of respondents said they prefer a coworking space to a traditional office, citing benefits such as flexibility, networking opportunities, and lower costs. According to the American Bar Association, 36% of lawyers work from home at least once a week, and 58% work from home [...]

Pacific Workplaces Steps Up to Minimize Single-Use Plastic

Coworking and flexible office spaces are inherently positioned to support environmental sustainability due to their sharing-oriented model.  As we approach Earth Day on April 22nd, we're proud to celebrate our commitment to sustainability by becoming SUPER Certified! (Single Use Plastic Elimination or Reduction).  SUPER® is a non-profit organization that provides 3rd party certifications to [...]

New Ways of Work for California Attorneys with Legal Virtual Offices

As the hybrid work model is increasingly embraced, it seems apparent that attorneys from big firms to small practices will continue to work-from-home for part of the work week, and firms will implement other remote work strategies such as coworking stipends to support the new ways of practicing law. However, attorneys have been avid [...]

5 Organizations to Help You Launch Your Las Vegas Business

Congrats! You’ve decided that you want to start doing business in Las Vegas.  Whether you’re starting a brand new company or expanding your current business into a new city, you’ll be happy to know that Las Vegas is ready to welcome you with open arms.   When it comes to starting a new business or [...]