COVID has hit small businesses, including coworking and flexible office spaces hard.

In-person connections, serendipitous interactions and mingling in open space have taken a backseat for now as we all work to keep ourselves, our families, our neighbors, and the most vulnerable in our communities safe.

While some spaces and brands are weathering the COVID storm pretty well, others have had to close and some are operating at a loss, holding out for the predicted wave of new work-from-home pros into shared workspaces.

Community managers have gone from animating spaces and connecting people to focusing on sanitizing surfaces, creating one-way flows through the space, and keeping people informed about new safety measures and norms.

As a member of a coworking space, there are things you can do to stay engaged, keep the coworking vibe alive, and support your flexspace operator as we collectively navigate COVID.

  1. Comply with Health and Safety Policies

At the risk of stating the obvious, any new health and safety policies that have been implemented are there to protect you, your fellow members, and your network. Be extra mindful of hygiene best practices and pitch in where you can. For example, use the sanitizers, wipe down your work area, wipe down meeting room tables and amenities after using them, wear a mask in the common areas, and be considerate of other members’ comfort level as you move through the space. 

Coworking Members Can Support Flexible Office Space Operators During COVID | Pacific Workplaces Bakersfield

  1. Participate in New Ways of Engagement 

Your space operator has likely been pivoting like crazy over the last six months, creating ways to keep the community connected, engage with members, and continue to support people in growing their skillsets and running sustainable businesses.

Jump in where you can to these new engagement tools. Join the Slack group, participate in your space’s Facebook group, update your profile on the space management platform, and clearly communicate needs and requests to your space operators. If your space offers virtual programming, check out the offerings and see which ones are of interest to you.

Coworking Members Support Flexible Office Space Operators During COVID | Pacific Workplaces Reno

  1. Share Your Skills

If you have a skillset your fellow members can benefit from, offer to teach a physically-distanced lunch and learn, or virtual workshop. Your fellow members are all pivoting and adjusting, as well, right now. The skills you may take for granted could prove to be invaluable to them.

  1. Spread the Word

The whole world has gone remote—or so it seems. Help your flexspace operator attract members, and help your friends and colleagues become more productive and connected by telling them about coworking. They may not realize that they can leverage flexible office space services to supplement their work from home.

For example, do your friends who are juggling working from home and homeschooling their kids know there’s a place where they can get away for a few hours of quiet work in a guest office or meeting room? An afternoon of heads-down work in a flexspace could be a gamechanger for everyone.

With a global remote workforce that just grew exponentially, the future of coworking and flex office space is bright. Your space operators are doing everything they can to ensure that the return to normal includes returning to a vibrant space and community. 

Choose a location near you to learn more about what we’re doing to keep our spaces safe, encourage community, and supplement work-from-home professionals.