Serviced Workspaces offer more than just a mailbox. Typically, someone looking for a mailbox to rent is an entrepreneur or small business owner simply looking for a way to keep their home address (where they actually work) hidden from their clients, and to separate business communication from home bills and catalogs. For many, picking up the mail is simply a chore – get in and get out as quickly as possible. The US Postal Service provides a variety of sized mailboxes to rent at very reasonable prices; and a P.O. Box, while not ideal, is an acceptable option for legitimate business. Also, it is common for a variety of package service companies and copy franchises (think The UPS Store & FedEx Office) to locate next to Post Office locations to provide convenient access for additional business services.

However, many small business owners do not realize that a Serviced Workspace Business (AKA Executive Suites or Office Business Centers) can also provide a monthly mailbox rental, but the myriad of additional advantages these locations provide may mean less chore and more business opportunity.

To illustrate:

  • Enhance Your Professional Image. Serviced Workspaces act as official 3rd party agents for mail and package receipt, allowing for the use of a corporate address often in Class A downtown or suburban business park locations.
  • Access All Your Business Services Under One Roof. Serviced Workspace providers also host a variety of additional services, often found next door to the Post Office: copying, faxing, scanning, package shipping, and notary.
  • Meet Clients in Your Office. Serviced Workspace providers have on-site meeting rooms, conference rooms and day offices, easily scheduled and usually priced by the hour. These rooms often include some presentation equipment or access to video conferencing.
  • Coffee and Tea Included. Instead of making another stop at the local coffee house, pick up the mail and grab some freshly brewed coffee or tea, perhaps while scanning your important correspondence to email for safekeeping.
  • Networking and Community. One of the advantages of using a Business Address at an Office Business Center is that they are actually de facto “chambers of commerce,” often hosting hundreds of local businesses. Most providers include monthly networking events available to all clients, which can be fantastic opportunities for new business.

The monthly fee for a Business Address (mail box rental) with a Serviced Workspace is generally pricier than a P.O. Box rental; rates typically range from $50 to $100 per month depending on address and location. However, the savvy entrepreneur will weigh the likely return on investment for the added features, and may come to view the mailbox requirement as not just a need, but also a bona fide opportunity.

Tracy Wilson
Tracy Wilson is a Managing Partner with Pacific Business Centers (rebranded as Pacific Workplaces), a California based Serviced Workspace. For more information she can be reached at [email protected].