Is a Coworking Flex Desk Right for Me?: Exploring Flexible Office Space Memberships

Thinking about joining a coworking space and wondering if a coworking flex desk membership is right for you? What the heck is a flex desk? Don’t worry - we got you! Choosing the right coworking membership depends on how you work best and what your professional needs are. Do you thrive in a bustling [...]

Pacific Workplaces Pricing Comparison with Regus & WeWork

Pacific Workplaces Pricing Comparison with Regus & WeWork Updated as of March 2024 In the spirit of full transparency, Pacific Workplaces (Pac) recently updated its comprehensive compilation of prices published by individual Pac locations and nearby Regus flexible office centers for relevant apple-to-apple comparisons, as well as a compilation of customer ratings for both [...]

Why a Virtual Office with Pacific Workplaces?

In today's dynamic business landscape, small and medium-size business owners are reimagining traditional office spaces and exploring alternative solutions that offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and convenience. One such solution is a virtual office—a concept that has gained popularity in recent years, as an inexpensive way to establish a solid business identity or remote branch office. [...]

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Embrace Success with a Virtual Office: Top 10 Advantages to a Virtual Business in Cupertino

In the dynamic world of business, where flexibility and efficiency are key, the concept of a traditional office is rapidly evolving. One innovative solution that has gained tremendous popularity in recent years is the Virtual Office. In the heart of Silicon Valley, Cupertino, California, a Virtual Office offers a myriad of advantages that can [...]

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How to Negotiate the Best Deal for a Virtual Office

Do you even need a full-time office anymore? Maybe not. A growing number of startup founders, independent professionals, remote workers and freelancers work from wherever they can set up a laptop, including coworking spaces and flexible office spaces. If you fall into one of these categories, however, you may need occasional access to meeting rooms, [...]

Should Your Startup Be A Limited Liability Corporation?

One of the most important aspects of running a business is choosing the right legal structure.  We’ve found that many of our coworking space members have their businesses registered as a limited liability company (LLC) due to its potential advantages over other corporate structures. Our own company, Pacific Workplaces, currently uses 20 LLCs, one [...]

How a Poor Virtual Mail Address Can Impact Your Brand

In today's digital age, a poor virtual mail address can negatively impact your brand. Therefore, businesses are increasingly turning to virtual addresses as a cost-effective and convenient solution for managing their mail. Virtual mail addresses allow companies to receive mail at a physical office space. The mail can be available for pick up, or [...]

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12+ Communication & Productivity Tools for Remote Workers

New to remote work? Welcome! The flexibility and freedom that come with working remotely can be wonderful.  But remote work comes with challenges and distractions, as well. The good news is that working remotely is nothing new and there are a lot of great tools to help you work more productively, efficiently and effectively [...]

6 Ways to Balance Working From Home and Returning to Your Flexible Office Space

The future of work is flexible. In the wake of COVID-19, a growing number of companies around the world—including giants such as Google and Twitter—have gone remote. More people than ever are working from home, which is great, so-so great, or quite miserable, depending on your home setup, family responsibilities, and need for interaction. [...]

5 Things to Look for in a Flexible Office Space Post COVID-19

You’ve been working from home, you’re eager to get back to a workspace, but you have questions about what to expect and how to be as safe as possible. Sound familiar? We’re in uncharted territory and things are changing every day. But as flexible office spaces begin to open up and get back to [...]