As traditional office space norms fade and flexible shared workspace innovations continue to rise, coworking spaces are taking a new approach to work/life balance. The latest trend in the Coworking industry, thanks to Millennials desiring a flexible and diverse work environment, is to provide a workspace that is pet-friendly. This is quickly becoming very desirable by Millennials, and coworking spaces recognize that a pet-friendly space will provide a greater opportunity for member attraction and retention.

NextSpace Coworking Berkeley pet friendly coworking space

NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz, Berkeley, and San Jose all offer members the option to bring their furry friends to work with them. The pros of this service give members piece-of-mind as they no longer have to stress about leaving their their pet(s) at home all day; a situation that might otherwise cause a member to be distracted at work. NextSpace members can all attest to the fact that having furry friends at work also promotes a social aspect and opportunity for networking in the community as other members say hello to the pets and chat with their owners. Also, since dogs, and animals in general, are a known source for reducing stress and anxiety, having animals in the workspace can add to an overall relaxing and happy work environment.

NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz pet friendly coworking space

Working with your furry best friend is very appealing to many people who are gravitating towards flexible work environments. If your current workspace does not offer this option, consider our pet-friendly coworking spaces – there’s no worry of having to leave your beloved pet at home!  A coworking space is a perfect solution for those who want to separate home and work-life.  NextSpace Coworking Santa Cruz, Berkeley, and San Jose are proud to be pet-friendly and welcome you and your furry friends to work in our community. If you’re searching in other areas for pet-friendly coworking spaces, there’s a great resource list thanks to Commercial Café that can help you find what you’re looking for.

NextSpace Coworking San Jose pet friendly coworking space

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Written by Sasha Bonar

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