Featured image photo credit: https://www2.deloitte.com

Our new coworking location in Phoenix was chosen as the venue for a commercial ad campaign centered around the idea that successful women in business are as prominent as WNBA Superstars! Its purpose? To motivate young women to pursue their goals with unflinching tenacity, no matter what career route they select.

The campaign launched by Deloitte alongside Ryan Reynolds’ creative agency Maximum Effort has four 30-second commercials which will air on ESPN and ABC for the duration of the WNBA postseason which runs through mid-October. Check-out each of the commercial spots here.

The action began at our Pacific Workplaces Phoenix location on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend with about 20+ people meeting to plan the upcoming days. Come the following Tuesday, our space was completely transformed! The “set” covered almost every square foot of our floor and we had close to 60+ people working together to complete this filming project. 

Pacific Workplaces Selected as Filming Location for WNBA Commercial

“It was a whirlwind experience,” said Courtney Mullen, Community Manager at Pacific Workplaces Phoenix who was there for it all. “They had offices for each star, the actors, the crew, caterers, snack/drink stations, a medic, a bunch of art, props, and tons of equipment. The location scout found our space to be immaculate, modern, stylish, and also loved the open floor plan. It was truly a unique moment in time and an absolute honor to be a part of this experience.”

This is such a great reminder to all of us just how transformable coworking spaces can be. We can customize the available set-up per the needs of most events. Additionally, our meeting rooms, reception, and lounge area make for a brilliant backdrop for headshots, interviews and even commercial shoots!  Check-out this brilliant and humorous scene from one of the Deloitte commercials where WNBA stars fan-girl over professional female execs while they meet in a conference room (aka Pacific Workplaces Phoenix Eagle Boardroom!) Can you tell we’re excited?

WNBA Deloitte Commercial filmed at Pacific Workplaces Phoenix Boardroom

Photo credit: https://www2.deloitte.com

WNBA supports women in business commercial filmed at Pacific Workplaces

Photo credit: https://www2.deloitte.com

We love the message of these commercial ads and we’re proud to be the backdrop of this awesome campaign. Shout out to East West Productions and Really Original for selecting our Phoenix location. If you are looking for affordable space for your creative projects, contact us.