Learn more about the team members that make-up the Pacific Workplaces Management team. Our ‘pacmates’ have years of experience in the shared workspace industry.

How One Woman Runs a Global Costume Company out of a Coworking Space

For eight years, Monika Soti has been selling children’s costumes to people around the world through her business, Monika Fashion World. A featured Amazon Picks seller, Soti is also a top-rated ebay power seller with over 3,000 reviews—all of them positive.   Coworking Can Be Ideal for Entrepreneuers A member at NextSpace Coworking San Jose, [...]

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13 Surprisingly Valuable Items in Your Coworking Space (That Starbucks Mug May be Worth Thousands)

Are you sitting on a goldmine in your coworking space? That Starbucks mug at the back of your mug drawer may be worth thousands. Really. People collect Starbucks mugs and pay, um, insane amounts for them. And that’s not all. Your coworking space may be housing thousands of dollars’ worth of random collectibles and [...]

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San Jose Mayor Comes Back to NextSpace San Jose

A couple of weeks ago, we were honored by the visit of the Mayor of San Jose, Sam Liccardo, at NextSpace San Jose. The purpose of his after-hours visit on a Wednesday evening was to explain his positions on a number of issues faced by the city of San Jose and to meet with [...]

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Meet The Team Series: Jeff Warner

Jeff Warner is our next Pacmate we're excited to add to our 'Meet the Team Series.'  Jeff has true workspace DNA since his dad also owned and operated a shared workspace center in Silicon Valley.  Keep reading to find out what kind of superpowers Jeff envisions having should he ever get the opportunity to [...]

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Meet the Team: Becky Simi

We had the opportunity to sit down with Becky Simi, Managing Partner of Pacific Workplaces Peninsula region. Becky is more than just a managing partner, as she spearheads our online booking platform projects and serves as our company-wide sales training expert.  Becky has been part of the shared workspace industry for 20 years - all [...]

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Meet the Team Series: Tracy Wilson

We have another great personality to share to add to our ‘Meet the Team’ series. Tracy Wilson is Managing Partner for Pacific Workplaces (a.k.a. ) with a primary focus on our Sacramento, California and Nevada regions. Tracy is also the Chief Operations Officer for our sister company CloudVO that provides a global network [...]

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Meet the Team Series: Scott Chambers

Our ‘Meet the Team’ series continues with Scott Chambers, our Chief Operating Officer. Scott has been in the shared workspace business for over 20 years and has served as President of the Global Workspace Association, our industry’s trade association. Keep reading to see how co-founding Pacific Workplaces was all due to a ‘chance encounter’ Scott [...]

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Meet the Team: Keith Warner

Our latest “Meet The Team" series explores more about Keith Warner, Managing Partner of Pacific Workplaces. We asked  Keith how he joined the shared workspace industry, what he likes to do outside of work, and his favorite part of working at Pacific Workplaces. Read on to learn more! Where did you grow up? I’m [...]

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CEO Faceoff by Owler

We are so proud to announce that Laurent Dhollande has been ranked as the top CEO amongst a list of shared workspace industry leaders. Last week, Owler shared its CEO Faceoff in its Weekly Showdown report (delivered every Wednesday morning). Per Owler, Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Pacific Workplaces, is “now the highest-ranking leader amongst [...]

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Meet the Team: Laurent Dhollande

In our latest “Meet The Team" series, Laurent Dhollande, CEO of Pacific Workplaces, was kind enough to do a Q&A with us. Read on to get a glimpse of Laurent’s life experiences, favorite things, and remote working style. What location(s) do you work at? I walk the talk and scratched my full-time Palo Alto [...]

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