Pacific Workplaces has been providing convenient, modern, full-time offices and virtual office solutions for companies for many years. Throughout the time we have been in business, we have had the privilege of hosting and incubating many fantastic companies on their way to industry success. Companies turn to us when they are in need of quality office space to best fit their expanding or mobile business needs. This is true for these three great companies that are all on the
move in the food, shipping and transportation industries.

Mountain Mike’s Pizza is a fixture for pizza on the West Coast, especially in northern California. Established in Palo Alto in 1978 as a local family-friendly pizza joint, it has since expanded to 160 restaurants across California, Oregon, Utah and Nevada. In the decades it has been in business, this pizzeria chain has not compromised on its commitment to making tasty, high-quality food with the freshest ingredients.  For those looking for a fun, casual dining experience, either for delivery or dining-in, Mountain Mike’s is perfect for you! They came to our Oakland office space in December 2014 to use our phone answering service to alleviate some of the stress from their main office. Mountain Mike’s still rely on us today for our support in their business operations.

A1 Express Delivery Service is a nationwide leader in same-day transportation and distribution services. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, they have grown quickly, expanding across the country in a few years. They are expanding so fast that the Atlantic Business Chronicle even named them the fasted growing company in the private sector in Atlanta this year. In 2013, they started operations in the Silicon Valley Bay Area at our San Mateo office space. That same year, they partnered with Google and the contractor behind Google Express for same day delivery service. Now, they are a subcontractor of 1-800 Courier!

Polar Service Centers is part of the U.S.’s largest and most influential tank trailer manufacturing, parts and service company. With over 30 locations across the country, the Polar Corporation works with private and commercial truck fleets of all sizes, where they build, design and support some of the best quality trailers for hauling liquid and dry bulk freight. The Polar Corporation is comprised of three companies: Rockwell American, Polar Tank Trailer and Polar Service Centers. Polar Service Centers in particular provides consistent access to new and used trailer inventory, along with reliable parts and technicians who are qualified to work on any brand of tank vehicle. As a whole, the company is nationally recognized as the preferred choice for tank fleets due to their unmatched innovation, quality and expertise. They had a virtual office space at our Sacramento Watt shared space years ago. During their time with us, they used their office as a startup location while their facility in McClellan Park was under construction.