At Pacific Workplaces, we understand that many of our clients’ needs are not static, which is why they come to us for our flexibility and high-quality on-demand office space rentals. From virtual offices to full-time office spaces, we are always happy to host or incubate amazing companies, entrepreneurs or startups from all around the world. This article is part of an ongoing series highlighting the impressive qualities and success stories from some of the fantastic organizations that have spent time with us over the years. For this article, we will feature three tech industry gurus.
Splice is an amazing company. Their sole focus is data communications with a concentration on helping businesses effectively manage their technology and IT infrastructure. Specializing in providing the most customizable and active customer support, they provide support to keep companies from bogging down their internal IT departments. When Splice’s customers turn to them for solutions, they not only benefit from the open-communication partnership, but also from Splice’s professional services that boost efficiency and reduce downtime in the office. They first started at our San Mateo office space in 2003 with two offices, that soon grew to 15. They moved out in 2013, where Pacific Workplaces helped them implement offsite phone services. Happily, they returned to us in September of 2014, where they have a full-time office space at our extraordinary Palo Alto shared office space.
RhodeCode is a company passionate about producing intuitive platforms to collaborate and manage source code, which allow companies to easily and effectively build software solutions through flexible workflows, enhanced visibility and secure teamwork. RhodeCode Enterprise is the basis for the company’s endeavors, as it is an on-premise source code management platform that is beneficial for Subversion, Git and Mercurial. Headquartered in Berlin, Germany, they first began a Mail Plus plan with us through our San Francisco office space in May 2014 when they first began an American presence. Now, a year later, they are grateful for our help in getting them off the ground in the U.S., and are now living the dream in their own office in the Palo Alto area.
LiquidSpace creates online tools to help entrepreneurs and freelancers find office spaces and meeting rooms more easily, by obliterating the expenses and confusing jargon of traditional leasing. Finding a space that best met their needs, the LiquidSpace network sought to simplify the process. They decided on a no-lease, no-hassle, month-to-month agreement for beautiful, customized office spaces. This fantastic company came to us for a Virtual Office at our Palo Alto office space in January 2011 and are still with us today. In July 2011, they became Pacific Workplaces Calendar of Records as we truly believe their mission is in line with our own vision for revolutionizing the way organizations and individuals lease, rent, use and visualize office spaces.